The Guava Limb Cafe in San Ignacio: A Chaa Creek Production

A few months ago I stayed at The Lodge at Chaa Creek for two really amazing nights.  From canoeing to the crazy night hike, from divine food to a massage (or two) to remember, I really had THE BEST TIME.  The huge, attentive staff is the best in Belize.


Chaa Creek is an incredible labor of love built and perfected by the two owners over the last 30+ years.  From a farm in the middle of nowhere to a luxury lodge that even Prince Harry (I will NEVER get over that I stood two feet away from him last year, NEVER) can enjoy…it is incredibly impressive.


My visit was in August and before I headed over to the lodge I got a bit of sneak preview of the new cafe that Chaa Creek was about to open in San Ignacio town.  (The lodge is about a 20 minute ride away.)   My friend showed me around and it was beautiful but not quite ready.

So when I went to San Ignacio for one night on my way back from Placencia (well…just a small detour), I decided to stop for lunch and see the final product.  And…it’s beautiful.  Just like everything that Chaa Creek does.  Down to the hand crafted Belizean hardwood chairs and tables from the Lodge’s wood shop.

The inside of Guava Limb Cafe.

IMG_4324 IMG_4452And the gorgeous back porch overlooking a park where local school kids play.  Almost seems like a phoney back drop.


School kids in a circle holding hands?  Seriously?
IMG_4332(I apologize for the drunken lilt my pictures now have…the view finder thingy on the back of my camera has shifted a bit…)

The details are impeccable…from paintings to old farm implements.  This place is sososo cute.

IMG_4323 IMG_4326 IMG_4325


And my favorite breakfast server from Chaa Creek…Rosanna.

At Chaa Creek in August.

IMG_1750-2And a few days ago.

IMG_4333Okay…let me show you the food.  Every day they have specials and if you check them out on Facebook, they have beautiful pictures of them each day.  (Look at yesterday’s Avocado Lobster Salad…yum.)

The day I was there…

IMG_4445And just coincidentally, I was there at the same time as the Facebook photo pro and I took some pictures of the specials.

It’s not easy to make Beef Stroganoff look good, usually it looks like dog food…but they did it.


And the pretty sangria.IMG_4319I had a few hours to hang out so, as I do in many places, I spread out a bunch of stuff and got on my computer.  I started with a cappuncino.

IMG_4442And moved on to a delicious salad (greens grown at Chaa Creek of course!)…brie and herbed chicken and soft tasty hunks of Chaa Creek brown bread.

IMG_4444And let that settle for about an hour and decided to try some dessert.  I love pumpkin pie…

IMG_4450 IMG_4451Good stuff.  They have a beautiful display of desserts inside…this is just a few.

IMG_4329I am a giant fan of a place where you can get great coffee and great dessert

SO…there it is.  My new favorite lunch spot in San Ignacio.  Breakfast at Pop’s Restaurant…Lunch at the Guava Limb Cafe…I will return to find my new favorite dinner spot.

Any suggestions?

For more information on Guava Limb Cafe…address…phone…check the link below.  And let me know what you think!  It’s right next store to the Chaa Creek San Ignacio office.



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