Placencia, Belize: Candy Colored Cuteness, Coffee And Desserts

I’ve only been to Placencia in Southern Belize two times but based on the number of pictures that I’ve taken?  It feels like much more.   The town is so cute and the food is so good, I just love it.   My last post from this trip featured The Seaspray Hotel, the duelling (in my mind) bars, Barefoot and Tipsy Tuna and a look down the sidewalk…

Here are some more pictures around town.

Signs on the sidewalk.

IMG_4186 IMG_4187 IMG_4157

A very pretty breadfruit tree with some small fruit.  These things grow to be HUGE.

IMG_4188 IMG_4189

The water taxi to the larger village of Independence across the lagoon even has a super cute name.  Many people that work in Placencia commute Hokey Pokey style.

IMG_4163 IMG_4164

Omar’s Creole Grub dripping with purple flowers.


And this intriguing restaurant, also COVERED in plants.  I do love some Oxtail…cow feet?  Not so much.

IMG_4225 IMG_4228


I’ve heard that Dawn’s Grill n Go does some great fried chicken (check out Lily’s blog post for a picture).  I know you are not going to believe this, but I am quite the fried chicken connoisseur.


Unfortunately it was not on “today’s menu”.  Another dish I will have to return to Placencia for…can they beat the current “Best Fried Chicken In Belize” – Syd’s in Caye Caulker?   It’s going to be very tough.

There is some great coffee in Placencia.  But I love this one Brewed Awakenings for their 6:30am opening hour and potentially the world’s friendliest owners.  I hear their seaweed shakes are divine.  Must try soon…


Just a little stand.  Perfect for low overhead and a take away beverage.IMG_4405Tutti Frutti Gelato is open for the season.  I’ve been dying to try this gelateria (I don’t think I’ve ever typed or said that word before) for years.  It’s featured in guide books and blogs (the world’s most important sources for all things helpful and true) as the best in Belize.   It’s even been called the best gelato in the world.  Sounds crazy to me but…well…I’d better taste.

They have a very low key sign.  One that I’d passed a few times and never noticed.  It’s in the same little colonial building complex as Rumfish y Vino Restaurant.

IMG_4169First thing I noticed were the very reasonable BZD prices.  And simple menu.  I don’t know how the Italians do it (I can hardly remember my trips to Italy…a blur of eating and drinking prosecco and Campari) but the American me loves toppings.

IMG_4182The street outside was fairly empty and I found out why.  All 10 people in town (locals and visitors) were packed into this small shop.

The gelato looks…well…delicious.  Tangy fruit yogurt flavors, Bailey and Hazelnut homemade gelatos…studded with berries, dripping with caramel…very hard to choose.  I went for the chocolate and the crunchy vanilla.

IMG_4175Did you really think I was going to eat just one scoop?

IMG_4181The vanilla with a cardamommy granola swirl was great but the chocolate?  Oh man…the best.  It has shavings of delicious chocolate in it.  Dense and creamy and rich.  I chatted with some honeymooners and tried to talk myself out of a second cone.

Unsuccessful.  This stuff is that good.  Plus, it was my lunch.

The next morning, I stopped by the Shak for the fruit and granola bowl that I had on my last trip but found them closed.  With this attempt at healthy eating foiled, I felt perfectly justified in going to eat my favorite dessert in Placencia.

The thick dense coconut flan at Wendy’s Creole.  I was the only one there…


They have a big comfy outside porch…and then…it arrives.  YUM.


This is no delicate light flan.  It’s dense and thick and cheesecakey and packed with coconut.  The caramel is dark…a slight burnt sugar flavor.  GOD IT IS GOOD.  And for $6bzd?  You’ll be tempted to have 4 of them.


And why do you have to be so judgey wudgey?  I’m on a serious dessert bender and I couldn’t be happier!

Plus, I do it for my work.  For you.   You’re welcome.

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