Thanksgiving Morning On Ambergris Caye

Many of you are in places where the change of seasons is marked by birds migrating south or leaves falling from the trees.  Here, in Belize, it’s the return of the tourists.

I took a morning walk this morning up the beach and our island is bustling.

Resorts have all their new cushions out, the beaches are neatly raked and tour boats are loaded and headed out.  The “high season” has begun.


The Christmas chill is also in the air.  Our first real cold front.  Last night, as I rolled myself into a blanket burrito, the temperature dipped into the low 70s, the humidity below 80% (my lips are already chapping) and the wind blew from the North west.  Sweatshirts, winter jackets and wool caps are out in San Pedro.

And it feels fantastic.

I took about 18 pictures of the fluttering spa curtains on the Banyan Bay dock.

IMG_5578 IMG_5576

A new much needed sea wall that they are putting in…IMG_5580 IMG_5581Almost every restaurant is doing a Thanksgiving menu today…many with turkey, some lobster, some ham and one that I know of with Belizean duck.  And it’s not even a Belizean holiday.  Schools and businesses are open.  Here is the Island Academy this morning – one of the world’s most idyllic looking schools.IMG_5589

Tonight I stuff myself with Miss Shelley and Monica’s FEAST at Wayo’s beneath the stars…you can still make a reservation if you like the look of this menu.  They are also having like music.


and then I’m going to try to eat some Potato latkes at Casa Picasso after. Their Thanksgivakkuah menu is at the bottom of this post.

I said it on my facebook page and I’ll say it again.  I am very very thankful this year.  For all the travel, opportunities and amazing new people I’ve met over the past year that make me love Belize more and more. And for the pretty cool job it has all allowed me to create (one day at a time)…that I seriously love doing.  Thanks for hanging with me and for supporting my sponsors. Happy Thanksgiving!

Or…maybe this….I saw it on a truck this morning.IMG_5591

Tee hee.

Casa Piccaso Thanksgiving Menu

Traditional Potato Latkes with sour cream and cranberry apple sauce.
Cream of Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with smoked pepitos and fresh basil.

Roasted Turkey Cholent – Slow roasted turkey breast, rubbed with garlic and served over a butter bean and toasted barely cholent. (similar to a Cassoulet)

Belizean Duck Breast Fesengan – pan seared breast of duck served with toasted walnuts and a tart pomegranate demi-glace with whipped potatoes and honey glazed green beans.

We have limited availability for Thursday with seatings at 5:30pm and 7:30pm so even of you miss out on our Thanksgivukkah specials on Thursday, we will be offering them on Friday as well as we continue to celebrate the “Festival of Lights”.



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