The BEST Dessert in San Pedro, Belize (and The Entire Country)

2013 was my year of desserts…but it is as if that year never ends!   After deciding not to worry about things like calories or vitamins, minerals or fiber content (for the time being!)…a big slice of pie or cake seems like the perfect lunch, a brownie, a very satisfying dinner.   A stop at an ice cream place is a delicious night time snack.

The Best Desserts on Ambergris Caye and in Belize.  Period.

But this has not just been about gluttony…I had a goal.  To name the best single dessert in San Pedro, Belize.   Drum roll please…

WAIT!  First…let me hem and haw.  Not because I don’t have a favorite…I do.  But because there are so many delicious desserts.  So here are some runner ups.  (For all information on the restaurants, scroll to the bottom of the post.  It’s all in my directory.)

Best Chocolate Desserts:

The Chocolate Boutique’s Chocolate Torte.  This is also the winner in the “budget category”.  Small but SO CHOCOLATE, great with a cup of their chocolate coffee.


The Molten Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream from Red Ginger Restaurant at the Phoenix.  It’s so delicious, I have been unable to take a photograph of it yet.  I eat it too quickly.   Warm and gooey and SUPER chocolatey.

ADDITION!  Amanda, a reader, sent me this photo of Red Ginger’s cake from her honeymoon.  A girl after my own heart.


Best Key Lime Pie:

Key Lime pie is a classic in Belize.  And though it seems like a simple recipe, there are tweaks that can make it even more delicious to me.  I have two favorites…depending on my mood.

Frozen Key Lime Pie at Elvi’s Kitchen.  I can’t get enough of this.  Tart with a dollop of frozen whipped cream (you have no idea what a difference that make) with a THICK DELICIOUS buttery, sugar ginger snap cookie crust.  I’ve probably eaten 20 slices in the past 6 months.


If you like a sweeter, more custardy Key Lime, try the delicious Caye Lime Margarita Cake at Wild Mango’s.  Layers and layers of not-too-sweet cookies soaked and softened in lime goodness.  You generally get a big hunk…and I have never left a crumb behind.


The Best Ice Cream in San Pedro:

An Oreo Cookie Frozen Custard Mini-Sundae from DandE’s Frozen Custard.  The perfect pre-bedtime snack.  Just the right size and it has real hot fudge.


and now updated for 2016:  There is a definite contender!  The ice cream shop: COOL CONE at San Pedro’s new Truck Stop sells DEEEEElicious ice cream, fresh made waffle cones and flavors like Maple Bacon, cheesecake and Toffee Coffee.  I promise.  Try it once and you will be back again and again and again.

THE OVERALL BEST IN SAN PEDRO IS:  Miss Elvi’s Coconut Pie at Elvi’s Kitchen.

1.  Perfect crust.  I dislike strongly (a nicer way to say hate) when the bottom crust is like a slab of wet card board.  This is still flakey.  2.  Warm with a dollop of delicious vanilla ice cream forming a sweet sweet creamy sauce.  3. Dense filling that’s not too coconutty and, I think, has a very slight lemony taste though I am told that there is no lemon in it.

Miss Elvi, the founder of Elvi’s Kitchen, makes these herself and shares the recipe with no one.  You are just going to have to visit and try it.


The Best in Belize:

And if you are travelling about the country, make SURE to have four of the best desserts in the country of Belize.  Go for Coconut Flan at Wendy’s in Placencia.  I’ve only been to the village twice, but I’ve eaten this flan 5 times.


You MUST have a slice of cake at Sweet Ting in San Ignacio.  MUST.  I had the Peanut Cake…dense but fluffy and moist with the most delicious icing (and I’m not even an icing person).  Angels SING!

PB Cake



Eat the gelato at Tutti Fruitti in Placencia.  It’s the real real deal.  Delicious.


And the best of the best.  The Banana Coconut Cream Pie at Maya Beach Bistro and Hotel in Maya Beach on the Placencia Peninsula.  It’s a gift from heaven.


If they don’t have that pie that night, hope they have the Tropical Fruit Pavlova.  YUM.


And don’t EVEN get my started on their morning cinnamon buns.  I am categorizing those as breakfast otherwise they would be on this list FOR SURE.  Sopping up that cream cheese icing dollops with the warm yeasty bun on the bus almost started a riot.


Please please please let me know if you think I’ve missed something.    I’m ready to eat more for my craft.

And my hope for 2014?  Dessert Pupusas.  I’m thinking bananas and honey.

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