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The Way To My Heart: Sweet Ting Pastries in San Ignacio, Belize

Just down the hill, the VERY steep hill, from the Cahal Pech Resort (I’ll tell you about my stay tomorrow) and the gorgeous Cahal Pech ruins or up the hill from the downtown area of San Ignacio is a gem.  Though from the outside, you might not know it at first.  Easy to overlook but DO NOT!    Sweet Ting Pastries.  My new first stop in San Ignacio.


It’s a cute little pink building with the world’s smallest sign…it’s almost like a shoe box.  But from what I can tell, EVERYONE in San Ignacio knows where Sweet Ting is.

When I walked in, Janae was slicing up the Tres Leche cake and setting it in separate boxes.  Apparently it must be refrigerated immediately.


Mmmmm…placed in its sweet milky bath.
Tres Leche

Here is just half the display case…

IMG_5814A list of some MORE sweets.  Turtle cheesecake?  YUM.

IMG_5819And the rest of the shop…a mish mash of things for sale.  From Victoria Secret lotions to back packs to ingredients for Asian cooking.  Things you can’t get in other parts of town.


I asked the super friendly sales girl to give me a few close ups of the cakes I was deciding between.  I am OBSESSED with dessert.  The best part of any meal so it was very hard to choose.

Peanut Vanilla Cake with Butter Cream icing.


And the Rocky Road Cake.  Apparently it was just sliced that afternoon.  People are coming in and out buying sweets, meat pies, corn dogs, coffees.

Look at this cake!

IMG_5821I tried the Peanut and was not sorry.  Moist and sweet with the best…THE BEST…icing.  I usually am not a fan of cake icing…fluffy and sugary and tasting like paste…but this stuff is perfect.  Buttery and rich, smooth and so so good.

PB CakeVery very well suited to the American palate.  Just like my southern great aunt Betsy who made me Banana Cream Pies, Hummingbird Cakes, Pecan Pies with Whipped Cream and Mile High Coconut Layer Cakes when I was young.  (This aunt is purely a figment of my dessert obsessed imagination.)

Great coffee also and super reasonably priced.  My giant filling piece of cake was $4.50bzd and the coffee $2.50.

The only issue is that the shop is very small and seating is limited.  I imagine that after dinner, it can get really packed.

Sweet Ting is the best.  A must stop.  A SURE winner of the San Pedro Scoop sunglasses of excellence.  (Pause for applause.)

They are open every day of the week Noon to 9pm.  And OF COURSE take orders for events and parties.  I just wonder whether they can ship one of these cakes to San Pedro.  Yum.

And now I’ve ticked off ANOTHER of Belize Adventure’s Top Things to Do in San Ignacio.    Dang.  I should have done this one first.

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12 thoughts on “The Way To My Heart: Sweet Ting Pastries in San Ignacio, Belize

  1. TarheelBornGal

    Awesome! Sweet Ting was on our list for when we visited San Ignacio, but we never made it there because after every dinner we were stuffed. I guess we should have had dessert first, right?! The peanut cake looks wonderful. And by the way, I have a very southern and very real Aunt Betsy…but she doesn’t bake. 🙁

    1. Belize Blog

      You do! I’m jealous. So she doesn’t make mysterious things like Lemon Chiffon pie and Chess Pie. Sigh…I’ll keep looking for her. Paul Deen is NOT IT!

  2. Monica Gamez

    Sweet Thing was closed when I went for my honeymoon to San Ignacio but I get her cheesecakes on the Island at Wine de Vine. I am definitely going to hunt her down my next trip to San Ignacio!

      1. TiaChocolate

        I’m gonna have a slice of Snickers and a slice of Turtle Cheesecake TONIGHT. Courtesy of: Wine de Vine. Heh. 😛

  3. lifeagain

    This place sounds, reads and looks like a must do and taste…….i can’t wait to have my own pictures and experience. Do they sell cold milk to have with the peanut cake?

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