El Pescador Resort and Fishing Lodge: My Two Night Stay

At the beginning of the year, I silently bid on an auction item and actually won.  Two nights at the well-known Ambergris Caye fishing lodge El Pescador.  Cool.  Though I am no fisherman, fly fishing seems different…more…regal.  Maybe I can give it a go.  And if not, two days laying around a resort with multiple pools, a great swimming dock and close proximity to lots of good restaurants?  Heck…I’m in.

Here are some (in fact lots) of pics of the resort…


IMG_5445 IMG_5446

The slightly smaller pool next to the villa where I was staying.IMG_5513The lovely lounge area next to the bar and to the main pool.



IMG_5543The main dining room.  The meals at the resort are eaten family style around the tables…a great way to chat with your fellow guests about your day, your plans and…well yes…about your catch.  I was even there for an awards ceremony…a bit like ancient Greek but apparently there are three types of fish (a trifecta of sorts) to catch while you are trolling the Belize flat.  Bone fish, permit and tarpon.  Men and women alike had caught one or all three.

IMG_5444 IMG_5545Everyone congregates before dinner at the bar…with a cool clubhouse feel.  Foosball AND a pool table.  Lots of photos and stuffed fish.  OF COURSE.



Oh yes…and my room.  I got a very cool El Pescador water bottle (see it unceremoniously displayed on the giant bed – my “staging” was off) that I am using right now.  Big comfy bed with nice sheets and tons and tons of pillows.  THAT is what I was looking for…

IMG_5428 IMG_5430Very very pretty spot.  And a dream vacation for sports fishermen.  Many of the guests I met were there for a week of fishing with El Pescador’s amazing guides.

I was just there for lounging.

IMG_5558And even for those who do not fish, you can get a taste of the action with the included afternoon fishing tutorial with a pro.  Or just use the time to perfect your skills.  Or to channel Brad Pitt in “A River Runs Through It”.

There are big tarpon swimming right around the dock.  Trained?  Why would they wait to be hooked!



IMG_5539EVERYONE was wearing El Pescador gear and many were repeat visitors.  Both serious fisherpeople and just novices.  I met one couple who were visiting for the 27TH TIME!

They’ve got the most serious selection on the island for sure.

IMG_5502 IMG_5504The staffs’ shirts all say “El Pescador Family” and it really seems like it is.  Not only the family that owns the resort…three generations that live and/or work here (you can’t exactly but young girls to work) but the trained guides, the cooks, the bartenders and the front desk.  Most have worked at El Pescador for years and you can see their love and pride for the lodge and for their expertise in fishing.

Here’s a picture of the owners that I snagged from the website.  That is a good looking family.


For all the information, their certifications, lots of pictures and awards like the 2013 Orvis International Destination of the year, check their site.

El Pescador is located about 2.5 miles north of San Pedro town proper so it’s easy to get back and forth.  The water taxi and the resorts boats go quite often…I hopped a ride back to town with Ali, the owner.



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