Ladies’ and Puppies’ Luncheon Raises over $5000 For the San Pedro PolyClinic

Yesterday, an amazing group of women held an open Holiday Lunch – LADIES ONLY- and raised over $5000bzd for the public medical center in town.  This didn’t happen all at once.  Two women donated tons of time, resources and probably a bit of blood to make these insanely adorable “Poly Puppies”.  73 of them.   Each different and special.   Ti Southwell and Amy Oldham made them all!


Each doll was on sale for $30bzd.  Marilyn, on the right, embraced the cuteness and the cause and BOUGHT 11. For Xmas gifts for kids and grandkids.  All of the money goes directly to a specific list of medical supplies for the polyclinic.


Here is Krista with some of the pups.


And this wasn’t the first holiday fundraiser for the Polyclinic.  Last year they made Poly Dollies.  So cute too.

Krista and her Poly Dolly in December 2012.

carnita and myself

Other ladies collected tons of raffle prizes and silent auction items from generous businesses all over town.


Here are Ti Southwell and Tammy Peterson in a brief SanPedroScoop photo shoot.  Ti was our MC for the afternoon and did an amazing job.   She is just a good person.  I bet she won’t admit it, but she got a bit choked up thanking everyone for coming, while saying good-bye to all the puppies she worked so hard on and just for being grateful for being part of this event.

IMG_6240 IMG_6241

Make love to the camera ladies!

More pictures of the ladies and their pups.  Pam and one of my very favorites…the grey and blue little pooch.


And Tamara of the San Pedro Sun newspaper.IMG_6245

I was not going to buy a dog but then I saw this one.   Kinda left behind…awww.  My Poly Puppy, Special Ed.


We weren’t just there (totally) for the dolls.  Wild Mango’s, one of my very favorites, and the chef Amy Knox served a delicious lunch.


Yum.  Lunch started with a champagne, strawberry and rosemary cocktail.  How civilized!

My fritters and all of my food was delicious.  Especially the Mexican Margarita Caye Lime Cake.  It is on the best desserts on the island.  GOD IT IS GOOD!



Everyone loved their food.  And the lovely chef, Amy Knox.


And her staff who were working hard.  The restaurant was closed…and packed.  I’d guess at least 50 guests.

IMG_6249 IMG_6237

And some more pictures…

Kate from Sew What! and Lynn who makes the gorgeous cakes, hummuses, pestos, cookies and more available at the GreenHouse.


Ali of El Pescador Resort & Fishing Lodge and Mel P. of the Lions’ Club and The Palms Hotel.IMG_6239

The doctor dog is going to be donated to the Poly Clinic.


The dogs that were left at the end of the lunch (and there were not many) will be sent to Belizean Melody Art Gallery and will be for sale for $30bzd for continued donation.

Here are the homeless and forgotten.


If you are on Facebook and want to follow the donations and how the money is spent, join the group.  It should be an amazing thing to watch.  The women of San Pedro rock.

Look at all these dolls!


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