Orange Walk, Belize: Tacos, Tacos and A Look Around

I’ve been in Orange Walk District, in the North West corner of Belize, for a day and a half now.  The area is known to tourists for the Lamanai Ruins and to Belizeans for its sugar, tacos and rum.  It’s the fourth largest town in Belize and on the beautiful New River.  THERE ARE TRAFFIC LIGHTS! I would guess you could count the number of traffic lights in Belize on one hand. IMG_6335 There is literally a taco stand every 20 feet.  If not more often.  Here’s the best one that I’ve found so far.  Alicia’s Taqueria. IMG_6337 IMG_6342 This sign is hidden…so just look for the Social Security building.  It’s HUGE.  And a pretty big crowd waiting for tacos.IMG_6341 It’s definitely a morning thing.  By about noon, they are closed up tight.IMG_6339 Here’s one that was also good.  In the market.  Garcia’s Tacos. IMG_6349 These ladies are QUICK.  These tacos are extra meaty and include my favorite condiment…IMG_6351 Hot sauce is always standard but I like the chopped onion and cilantro.  Adds a bit of freshness.  ALSO, the meat is cooked with chicken gizzards.  Ask for a gizzard in one of your tacos.  Delicious.  IMG_6353I had “dolla taco” at three different place (you get 3 tacos for $1bzd in about 8 seconds) and had to call it a morning. IMG_6348   I turned the corner to the town plaza.  I love it and all the brightly colored painting. IMG_6354 IMG_6356 IMG_6364   And lots of intriguing bars like this one.IMG_6360 AND GET THIS!  Beers in restaurants are $3bzd!  (In San Pedro $5bzd is pretty standard) and at this place $2.50bzd.  I guess they don’t pay rent?  IMG_6361Lots of very cool colonial looking houses… I want this one! IMG_6367And shops… IMG_6370 I have LOTS more pictures of Orange Walk.  What hits me immediately is the size of this town…MUCH bigger than I thought.  And how busy it is….the streets are bustling throughout the day.  Also the racial mix is very different from the city or the South.  Most people are primarily Spanish speaking, very few Creole or Garifuna people and lots of Chinese and Mennonites. I’ll have to get to the rest later.  Today I had to Shipyard, a large Mennonite community and the Cuello Rum Factory where they make the Caribbean Rum brand.  I’m wearing the t-shirt they gave me yesterday.  I love it. IMG_2764 I’ll be reporting back to you for sure. IMG_6379

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