Ramon’s Village in San Pedro – Did They Make the Construction Deadline?

Ramon’s Village in San Pedro has been FEVERISHLY rebuilding after the huge fire at the end of August.   I took pictures the morning after the fire while many of the buildings were still smoldering and then pictures in mid-October and then in the beginning of December.  COULD Ramon’s open for the official date, would they have the big town party?


If I was a good reporter and REALLY on top of my game, I would have taken the exact same picture at four different points to show, really show, the development.  But…I am not that guy.

Well…due to HEAVY rains for a few days last week, construction was slowed and they had a Thursday night staff party but not the big party for everyone else.  That is postponed until the New Year.

It is ALMOST done and the bar and inside restaurant are being finished as the place packs up for Christmas.  Here are my pictures from yesterday afternoon.  The place looks super cool.

It was a beautiful day.  Wind was kicking up the sea so it was a bit murky by the shore.




The view to the resort…IMG_6597

The view out to the dock…IMG_6593


The bar, Tropic Al’s is still being finished.IMG_6599

The inside of the restaurant!IMG_6600IMG_6603 IMG_6605IMG_6606 IMG_6609 IMG_6611So for a day or two more, the guests and the remaining workers co-exist.  The weather is beautiful, the outside restaurant is open and the beach chairs are full.  I don’t think anyone is complaining.


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