Welcome to Orange Walk, Belize: Sugar & Taco City

Seven years in Belize and I’d never properly stopped in Orange Walk – Belize’s 4th largest town.  I have a friend, Kevin, who grew up here and raves about it like many do their home towns.  I know that they do the biggest, bestest September 21st Independence Parade and…well…I’ve always meant to attend.  I know they are responsible for a good sized piece of the country’s GDP with the loads of cane and sugar production.


AND, even if many tourists don’t know that it is in Orange Walk, Lamanai Mayan Ruins are a hugely popular place to visit.  It’s an amazing trip.

I also know that Orange Walkers are SERIOUS about their tacos.  Orange Walk or “Suga City” tacos are a brand in themselves.  SO…it’s time to visit this mysterious district.

BELIZE_MAPfull_countryThere are two ways to get to Orange Walk from the island (two MAIN ways) you can 1.  Fly on Tropic Air (easy) or 2.  You can take the boat south and then the bus north.  I picked route number 2 since I haven’t seen this part of the country all that often.   I jumped on the $45bzd round trip 8:30am San Pedro Belize Express boat to Belize City.   Taxi to the bus station $5bzd and then the bus.  As always, it’s a free for all at the bus station. LOOK FOR THE GUYS IN THE YELLOW SHIRTS.  They are always very friendly and they have the answers.  I boarded the PACKED bus marked CHETUMAL.  We are headed NORTH!

Blasting Spanish love songs, bumpy roads and a seat in the back…ahhh the joys of Belizean bus travel.  (I’ve got tips!)  I had 3 chatty seat mates during my 1.5 hour trip.  All are from Belize City.  The first, we dropped off (along with many passengers) at a Call Center for a brand called Track Phone.  Huh.  Second guy was a security guard at the Cruise Ship Village in Belize City.  Good to know…I plan to spend a day there.  We exchanged numbers.  And third gentleman was former BDF (Belize Defense Force) and travelling to OW just for tacos.  Wow

I decided to tag along with him when we arrived in Orange Walk for these tacos worth travelling half an hour for.

We headed over to a central market but…on Sunday at noon.  Most people were out of tacos and closing.  Tacos in Belize are a morning food.


We got tacos here.  IMG_6306Here is my $1bzd plate.  (50 cent US)


Who ever said that you can’t eat for cheap in Belize? They were delicious…but the best thing EVER?  I’m not willing to go there yet.

I walked to go find my hotel.  The Hotel De La Fuente (some of the best internet service in Belize if you are wondering…)

The Town Hall is so nice and colorful.

IMG_6309 IMG_6311

A town clock.  Starting to think that are standard issue in Belize.  This one is pretty to me.


There is a town plaza or square…very Mexican.


And…WHAT’S THIS?  FREE Wi-Fi.  Wow.


So…I must keep this short.  I still have work to do.  I need to find the very best tacos AND I need to know what the name Orange Walk means.

UNTIL then, please please please vote for my cheese picture so that I can go to learn to make Cheese at the GORGEOUS Caves Branch Lodge in Cayo.  Here is the link:  If you can…would you mind…voting to send me to Ian Andersons?  Thanks so much.  Just gotta LIKE and then vote.  http://bit.ly/18HgKBl

I’ll leave you with this very odd sign.  I am TEMPTED to buy some Windex and cheap towels and set up right next to him.  I’ll clean the headlights for $8bzd each.


Home run.

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