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N. Ambergris Caye Mile 4 Down to Mile 1: A Walk from Las Terrazas Resort to Feliz Bar For Painting Class

Yesterday was a cold grey day in San Pedro, Belize.  I honestly don’t remember a day where I wore a long sleeved shirt and a jacket while walking on the beach.    Mid-day.  BUT it was still a beautiful day.  I had a full afternoon planned…take the 12:30pm Coastal Express water taxi up north, lunch at O Restaurant at Las Terrazas Resort (about 4 miles north) and then a slow walk down to Feliz Bar for a 6pm painting class with Belizean Melody.

Here is Las Terrazas’ pool and the restaurant.  I mean…seriously?  Even on a grey day this place looks GORGEOUS.  I’m hoping to head up next week, bring some actual sun and take some even prettier pictures.

And maybe lounge by the pool for a bit.


Inside is pretty cool too.  Look at those balls hanging…made from wine corks.


I’m not sure why all my photos are cocked to the left.  Maybe I need a chiropractic adjustment?

After lunch, I wandered down the beach.  The construction right next to Coco Beach is in FULL swing for Venezia.  I still can’t get over these plans.  The designers of Venezia and Coco Beach are not so much in the Belize Island look and much more into the faux-Austrian Opera House-Venetian-Rococo design.

IMG_7308I took a look around Coco Beach.


It’s very beautiful and quite grand.  The pool system is super cool…especially with the water slide in the back pool.  One of a kind in San Pedro.

IMG_7310I HAD to check out the relatively new restaurant called Coco Blanca.  Another one of a kind in Belize…

IMG_7312Wow.  I…mean…wow.

IMG_7313 IMG_7316Not my style but if you enjoy dressing up…this is BY FAR the fanciest spot on the island.

I stopped into Captain Morgan’s for a diet coke and to lounge in their new bar area.  I’m a big fan of cushions and comfortable chairs and this stuff is all new here.

IMG_7317 IMG_7318 IMG_7319



I also stopped in the gift shop at Captain Morgan’s and they are selling quite a few products from MayaBags (my obsession,  I KNOW!)  SO obsessed am I, that I showed the sales girl a picture of my bag.


She clearly thought I was a bit off…but was very sweet about it.  (Read more on MayaBags HERE!)

And as I walked towards Capricorn (BEST PANCAKES in the morning)…


and El Pescador, I found my perfect simple little beach cottage.


Here is the link to the sales site and the property.  Perhaps if you pick up the property, I can pay the annual property tax?

Comment PLEASE if you have any fundraising or get rich quick schemes for me.

Kept walking and swung into Palapa Bar quickly to say hi.  I mean look at it…it’s practically called to me.

IMG_7329You need to spend a day, one day, doing this walk.  1.  With the state of the roads right now, you’ll probably move faster. 2. It’s a beautiful way to bar and restaurant hop.  I’m going to put together a proposed bar & restaurant hop/map for you…Ak’Bol, Aji, Lazy Croc…in about a mile, you and your bathing suits can hit some amazing spots.  3.  I love this suburban area around Palapa Bar.  I’ll show you some pictures in a second…

The tubes were empty…it’s COLD!



But the bar was hopping.  One bartender playing dice with the customers on the right. Scott, the owner, chatting with a group.  Head bartender Ivan acting as host.  I could have stayed for a while…



And a little look at Tres Cocos (the area around Palapa Bar) and its cute, cute cuteness…

IMG_7326 IMG_7346

About 5pm, still chilly and grey…


IMG_7352And I made it to Feliz Bar just in time for art class…but let me post about THAT later today.  I really dragged this one out!

IMG_7372For more information on these spots, check out listings below.







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5 thoughts on “N. Ambergris Caye Mile 4 Down to Mile 1: A Walk from Las Terrazas Resort to Feliz Bar For Painting Class

  1. TarheelBornGal

    I am in love with that pink cottage. When we first visited AC, it was almost completely hidden behind dense jungle between the beach path and the house, but we caught a glimpse of it from our bike rides north. It was FSBO then (2010) for even more than it’s priced at now. It looks much better kept now but not as private with all the foliage removed. I hope whoever buys it won’t tear it down and build their “dream home” as the ad suggests…it’s dreamy just as it is!

    1. Belize Blog

      I’m guessing for that price? That cottage is going! But maybe they will need a resident blogger (cottage included) next to the main estate. I can be the Magnum PI to their Robin Masters. I can see it now!

      1. TarheelBornGal

        I think that would definitely work. It’s definitely priced for the beach-front property. But still…I LOVE the charm of that cottage. If I had an extra $425K sitting around, it would so be mine.

    1. Belize Blog

      Well…if you look at the listing, it’s a piece of PRIME beachfront in a great location. I think that house is just a place holder…

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