Caye Caulker: Checking out A Few Hotels

Caye Caulker is absolutely teaming with people.  And it’s a hot spot for lots of reasons.  One is the definitely the affordable hotels.  They have a wide range of spots to stay starting with a bunch of hostels and rustic cabins to smarter hotels.  There are so many to check out so I decided to just start with a few to beef up my hotel listing (Hotels in Caye Caulker)…

First… one that I’ve heard good reviews about for a while.  De Real Macaw Guest Rooms and Apartments.

SItuated on the main road just across from the beach, the pretty painted fence always catches my eye.



Behind the gate, they have cabanas/small two story buildings and on the top floor on the main house, with the very cool front porch that would be an IDEAL spot to watch the Caye Caulker world go by while sipping a Belikin, I checked out an apartment that you can rent for your stay.


2 bedroom, full kitchen…perfect for a family.

IMG_7002 IMG_7004Prices at De Real Macaw start as low as $15 or $20 US and go up to $120US…but for all the information, definitely check out the website.

Next, around the corner a bit and a bit more pricey, is the super cute Sea Dreams Hotel.


I’ve always loved their railing and the colors but a step inside revealed to me what is not apparent at all from the outside.  They are built totally around this GIGANTIC Banyan tree.  They even named the bar after it.


I took pictures of two types and room and both were beautiful.  This is the one bedroom apartment.  I could so live here.

IMG_7015 IMG_7019IMG_7017

And then up to the large second floor deck, porch, bar, lounge, AMAZING SPOT FOR A WEDDING or a party.

IMG_7020 IMG_7029

Imagine this Banyan tree, coming up through the decking, draped with twinkly lights and candle light lanterns.  Sigh…

IMG_7030And then set above the decking, this beautiful cabana.

IMG_7021So pretty inside.

IMG_7023The bathroom beautifully finished with turquoise tiles…



Again, check out their website for more information –  it is beautiful.  Both places are very conveniently located, Real Macaw on the main road and Sea Dreams set a bit back but with their own dock over the lagoon side of the island.

It just depends on what you are looking for and your budget.  And me?  I love checking out the inside of hotels that I’ve walked past multiple times.  Especially at places with lovely staff like Da Real Macaw and Sea Dreams.

Today I am off to the Cruise Ship Village in Belize City…to check it out.  To answer questions I get from SO MANY PEOPLE like…”If I don’t plan to do any excursions in Belize from my cruise ship, is it worth getting off the boat?”

FINALLY, I am about to get an inside peek and trust me, I’ll tell you ALL about it.





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