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A Walk On the Beach: Pelicans and Jerry Jeff Walker Pickin’ Party + This Week’s Schedule

After what seemed like a week of grey and chilly weather (for Belize = 60s and 70s), the sun popped out yesterday afternoon and it was a perfect time to take a walk to town.

AND a perfect time for hungry pelicans, one of the least graceful birds around, really the turkey of the sea…but I’ll get back to these guys in a few.



Let me prove to you that there really were patches of blue sky.

Here down by where I live at Mata Rocks Resort.

IMG_7377 IMG_7378And then a bit farther north by BC’s Beach Bar…

IMG_7383And the birds that are everywhere right now.



One of the docks in San Pedro, the Belikin dock, that I’ve taken about 100 pictures of over time.  I am quite sure there is something very artsy about it…I’m not sure what…

IMG_7384 IMG_7385


Just before BC’s Bar…

IMG_7387And then…BC’s!  Closed and being dismantled.  Hopefully being moved somewhere else…we just don’t know where yet.


And then the plans for the site.  No word on when or if that will begin.  I’ve really heard nothing about it over the past year.  “Diamonte”


I stopped briefly for a bit of dinner and a short break at The Chocolate Company.

If you haven’t tried this $5bzd nugget from heaven, the chocolate torte…you must.  It’s FIRMLY on my list of the best desserts in San Pedro.


I like it with the chocolate tea.  A little milk?  It’s so yummy also.IMG_3087

A very pretty night as the sun was creeping down.  By the dive shop Amigos Del Mar.

IMG_7391 IMG_7392And then I ran into this lovely guy cleaning fish and, just by doing that, feeding a bunch of scavengers!

IMG_7395I took about 30 pictures while chatting about pelicans, prehistoric sting rays and conch.  Here are a few.


The lone sting ray was circling circling circling.  He went over my foot a few times…super smooth and super cool.IMG_7398


Apparently he has found a piece of fish by this fisherman’s toes before.

IMG_7401Something I didn’t know.  Those holes are his gills/air holes and his eyes are tiny black dots just above them.

IMG_7406Not much need for evolution?  This things look millions of years old and somehow cute at the same time…

I walked by Wet Willy’s and heard music and saw a good sized crowd.  Better pop in.

IMG_7410 IMG_7412 IMG_7416

Jeff Jeff Walker, a popular country music singer and songwriter, is in town for two weeks of concerts that he has been doing for years called “Camp Belize”.   Jerry Jeff is most famous (and probably most rich…he owns a large beachfront house south of San Pedro town) from writing the song “Mr. Bojangles”.  Some really amazing artists have covered that song…from Robbie Williams to Harry Belfonte and Neil Diamond!!!! and Nina Simone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun fact from Wikipedia.  His real name is Ronald Clyde Crosby.

Walker’s first big show is at Fido’s tonight.  Doors open at 4pm for pass holders, JJW goes on at 7pm and then at 9pm, the doors will open to the public and anyone who wants to join in the pickin’ party.  Which from what I can tell…is an organized jam session.  Led by some main players but anyone with an instrument is welcome to join.

There are Pickin’ Parties throughout town this week.  Yesterday’s at Wet Willy’s was just one of them….here are others you can attend.

Tuesday (Today):   Noon to 5pm:  Pickin’ Party at Lola’s Pub and then the parties are at Fido’s

Wednesday, January 22:  Noon to 5pm, Crazy Canuck’s Pickin’ Party and 7:30pm to Midnight with Sherry at Roadkill Bar

Thursday, January 23:   Noon to 5pm, Country Cabana “In the Round” or more informal circle formation jam and then 6pm, Conrad & Sherry at Captain Morgan’s (about 3 miles north)

Friday, January 24:  5:30pm Wet Willy’s and Big Show at Fido’s and after show

Saturday, January 25:  11am Fido’s Girls Jam “In a Round” and then 5:30pm Usual Suspects (Dennis Wolfe’s Band) and Open Mike

DANG!  These Camp Belizers don’t plan on any rest.  They were drinking and dancing last night.  This is a crowd having a good time.

PLEASE send me pictures of the parties.  I’ll be at Fido’s tonight and hope to take hundreds.  HAVE FUN.  And I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

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9 thoughts on “A Walk On the Beach: Pelicans and Jerry Jeff Walker Pickin’ Party + This Week’s Schedule

  1. SPmQQse

    i have to wonder if the…so-called ”handicapped” people ….will be allowed into fidos for this event…!!!

    1. Belize Blog

      What do you mean by “so called handicapped people”? Did you have some sort of personal problem that you’d like to explain?

      1. SPmQQse

        well… since you asked……

        yrs ago when ”malcolm” ran/managed the place…at each big bash at fidos…i would escort a sweet garifuna gal who is bound to her wheel the bash…[she is the most crippled garifuna gal in alla belize]…
        malcolm would always have a special place for her to enjoy the show.. and always…afterward…the headliner/star would take photos with her as a keepsake….

        well the first yr that the owner ”bruce” decided to run the place himself..
        he banned not only alba…with her chair… [well documented from the radio interview across the country..against such a policy.!! [krem,loveFM,reef radio]…]
        but also an x-nascar race driver , [RIP], who was in a special made ,prone wheeled machine , from the place..!!…

        quote…..”you two are f*%kin crazy to try to come in here”….. unquote…was owner bruce’s comment when we arrived..!!
        i had never seen/heard such rudeness…
        bruce’s son ,threatened to murder me , the day after the radio interview.

        i sang for free there for aprox 6 yrs…[as ‘sneakyroady’…back-up singer for ”barefoot skinny” ]..for free….3 times a week….
        then after that , for aprox 3 yrs…checking sound for all the house bands…..
        i know the place well….!!
        if the ownership hasnt changed , then i assume the policy hasnt changed…!!

        since you asked…….

        1. Belize Blog

          Sigh. Well now it’s out there. I haven’t seen Bruce in a few years and Malcolm sold his share…so it’s all good. I’ve never had a problem.

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