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It’s Chilly In Belize Too!

Chilly is relative.  And this is in no way a post to garner sympathy…not at all.  Purely informational.  There ARE seasons in Belize.  Those I have described in detail.  But like much of North America, Belize is being influenced by these cold fronts right now.  We get “cold” like this a few times each year…usually in December, January and February.

I KNOW IT IS COLDER where you live.  But I live in the Caribbean.  And it feels chilly to me.

Current temperatures:   Dallas, TX at 30F, San Francisco, CA at 46F, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at -28F , San Pedro, Belize…we were at 71F all night.  COLD FOR BELIZE.

Here are some pictures of the very late afternoon yesterday – as the sun was setting.  The sky has been grey and well…winter-like for the last few days.

Another thing to put my information into perspective.  I saw plenty of happy tourists around yesterday…going diving, swimming in the sea, walking about in bathing suits.  Cold is relative.



Some Christmas lights are coming down but these beautiful ones at The Phoenix remain.  I’d be tempted to keep these up forever.

IMG_6796 IMG_6798IMG_6792Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop.


Wet Willie’s as the sun was setting.IMG_6815I was having a full photo session with Chuck & Robbie’s.




A catamaran headed out for a sunset sail.

IMG_6833 IMG_6834


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1 thought on “It’s Chilly In Belize Too!

  1. harold

    Hi there I am in Saskatoon or about 1 hr SE in a open field on a drilling rig and on the night of the 4&5 th the temp was -37 C which is -35 F and with wind 30 miles hr wind chill was -52 C which is -62 F . IT was coooooooold !!!!!!!!!

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