Belikin Stout 2014 Dominoes Championship Is Way More Exciting Than I Imagined

Hmmm…dominoes.  Something I played as a kid.   Either lining up and knocking down or matching number to number.  Never very exciting.  But dominoes in Belize is an exciting game.  Intense.


In the past, I have driven passed people playing in Belize City…I was invited to this match in Punta Gorda last year.


And then I saw this.   Watch this short Belikin commercial about dominoes.   DOMINOES are exciting!

So…you can imagine that when I saw this poster, I was pretty excited.  THIS is TOTALLY bloggable.  Sure the Lighthouse Rock, Paper, Scissor tournie was good times.  (Great times in fact…) but this dominoes thing could be high drama.  Tempers flaring.

But there was no tournament in San Pedro?  Apparently we have not been deemed a domino playing town!


So…I was even more excited when I took a last minute trip to Belize City to see Harley motorcycles and found that the domino National Tournament was ON just a few miles away.

I had to stop by.  And I found a sea of blue t-shirts.  Want.

IMG_8570Custom made Belikin dominoes.  REALLY WANT.


IMG_8582And tables and tables of domino competitors.

IMG_8573 IMG_8574I met a team from Punta Gorda and an all female team from Orange Walk.


Bam!  Lots of noise.  Lots of teeth sucking.  I could really get into this game…IMG_8577

I chatted with the organizers about the LACK of a San Pedro team.  I think I MAY have promised that I would organize one.  I’m sure there will be others…

I have been promised a tournament in 2015.  SAN PEDRO DOMINOES!

First I need to practice holding all the dominoes in one hand.IMG_8578

And then perhaps learn the rules.  I’m guessing it is not as simple as Rock Paper Scissors.

IMG_8583Very cool thing to see.  This all took place at the Travellers’ Rum Barrel Bar on the Northern Highway and was scheduled for something crazy like Noon to 7pm!  Dominoes is time consuming too.

I love that I went for a very last minute trip to Belize City (3 hours notice), water taxied to the city and found too amazing Belikin sponsored events.

Belize Harley Davidson rally and a Belize National Dominoes tournament (followed by a DELICIOUS Indian food lunch at Sumathi)…what did you do on Saturday.




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