LOTs of Sun, Snorkelling, Sparkling Ocean and A Few Goose Bumps on the Rum Punch 2

The skipping record continues…today is a fantastically gorgeous day.  Here’s a picture of the sunrise my friend Ellen took this morning just to prove it.

1975040_10151907991901292_388347578_nIt’s going to be a beauty just like yesterday.  And I know ALL about yesterday.  I spent lots and lots of outdoor time over the water on one of my favorite trips – sailing northward to Mexico Rocks snorkeling site with Captain George Eiley and the Rum Punch 2.

We met our good captain and his trusty first mate in town at 10am on a gorgeous GORGEOUS Sunday morning.

The Rum Punch, an old Belizean fishing boat turned touring craft, was ready to sail.



The Rum Punch pirate flag was flapping in the wind…

IMG_1255As was George’s new pink flag.  Perfect.

IMG_1245Oh yes…and Margie’s new tattoo (that she got at last weekend’s expo) was also flapping in the wind.  Ewww.  I guess that’s what happens before they heal completely.  DO NOT TOUCH!



We set sail to the north.

IMG_1217Sharrlyn and her hat…


And the beautiful view cruising along.  We were really moving yesterday…


We pulled up to Mexico Rock…a huge swimming pool like area dotted with coral heads.  WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY.

Tara went in…


There were a few more boats…


And the captain made his delicious ceviche.  This time with horse conch.

IMG_1248 IMG_1251This cheeky frigate bird thought he was getting some.

IMG_1262 We ate, drank, snorkelled and got a SERIOUS amount of sun.  You don’t want to be shy with the sunblock on this trip.

Back south with a stop at everyone’s favorite bar…Palapa Bar.


Tara knew that her burn was setting in…  IMG_1283



Hurry!  To the shade.  But smile first!


The bar was packed.

IMG_1302 IMG_1308

People and dogs enjoying the beautiful view…


Perhaps a little too bright for Sunny the Palapa Dog.IMG_1304

But that was QUICKLY remedied.   Ahhhh…relief.IMG_1310



Beer buckets were being lowered to the tubers.

IMG_1294Everyone was very happy.  Tara’s body?  Not so much.  Apparently it does not enjoy that much sun and that little sunblock.

In Belize we call this da cold seed.

IMG_0642After some cooling drinks, it was time to sail home.

IMG_1295 IMG_1322What a beautiful trip.  Love the water…love the boat…love my friends.  What a love fest!  And let’s all hope Tara is feeling a bit better…


And for a FANTASTIC article about the snorkeling areas around Ambergris Caye (including Mexico Rocks), check out this guide from a Passion and a Passport.  SO much great information on snorkelling in and around San Pedro.

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