Friday Afternoon & A Minister’s State Funeral in Caye Caulker, Belize

Friday afternoon in Caye Caulker has become an almost regular thing for me.  A water taxi ride over, lunch, a walk down to the Split, perhaps a bag of donuts, meet some friends at the Friday afternoon jam session…it’s like a mini-vacation.  (Take a look at this prior post:  A Proposed Caye Caulker Friday Afternoon Guide.)

And yesterday, while the day started cloudy, by noon it was gorgeous and I hopped aboard the 1pm for the 25 minute boat ride.

As I was exiting the boat, there was quite a commotion going on at the next dock.  A large cruise ship tender boat unloading a big crowd and as I got closer…



the street was lined with the Belize Defense Force members in formation.

IMG_0792The burial of Former Belize Minister Louis Sylvestre – who served the country from 1957 to 1984 as Belize was becoming her own country.  His family had a home in Caye Caulker for years and it was here that he wished his ashes to be scattered.




I took a walk around town which felt surprisingly quiet though there were lots of tourists about.  Perhaps for the funeral vendors and a few roads were closed.

This small area was closed because a man was way up in the tree cutting down heavy coconuts.


IMG_0802 IMG_0808 IMG_0810A really gorgeous day.  And not too hot.

IMG_0816 IMG_0821

Down by the Split in the island (here’s the picture from above if you haven’t see Caye Caulker…)


the water is super clear and so many different colors of blue and green.  Locals, tourists, dogs…here’s where everyone is!IMG_0823


IMG_0829The Lazy Lizard at the Split.

IMG_0831 IMG_0833 IMG_0835Sun, music, drinks…someone this busted down cement pier is one the most beautiful spots in the world.  Only in Belize…

IMG_0830Back to find my donuts at Ice N Beans.



IMG_0807A HUGE bag of hot sugary donuts.  My heart’s fondest wish.

IMG_0505Off to meet friends at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar for a bit of a jam session…

IMG_0509Not the usual HUGE crowd…but still good times.

IMG_0846Sometimes just a couple of hours, a change of scenery, a beautiful day and a bag of donuts is all you need to feel like you are on vacation.










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