Construction on the Caye: The Ground Breaking of Diamante Residences, The Opening of a New Beach Bar, A New Crossfit Gym & More

Surely I just broke some journalistic law with that endless blog title…

Yesterday was the ground breaking of one of the biggest projects on the island – the Diamante development. Those who have visited will know the land.   For the past 10 years or so, it has been the site of the very popular BC’s Beach Bar…

019_17AIt’s a gorgeous piece of land RIGHT in the heart of town and has been owned by Ms. Celi McCorkle, San Pedrana and business owner, for over 35 years.

BC’s has been dismantled (perhaps to be moved elsewhere) and Diamante is being built in its place.   The project is being managed/run and sold by the McCorkle/Guerrero family and many in town were there for the ceremony including the Mayor Danny Guerrero and the Minister Manuel Heredia Jr.

IMG_1350 IMG_1352Introductions were briefly made.  The project has been a long time plan of Lisa McCorkle Guerrero and her late husband Miguel…and now ground is being broken.

Mayor Danny, Minister Heredia, Lisa and her mom, Ms Celi.  The McCorkles own and operate the Holiday Hotel in town as well as the Celi’s Deli, Caprice Restaurant, Oasis condos and the Train Station gym.

IMG_1359Kristian (head of sales and GREAT GUY), Lisa and Phil, a partner in the project.

IMG_1364Construction has actually started and it’s happening fast!  A sea wall, lots and lots and lots of really fine sand and more…

Favorite Blue Water Grill is on one side.

IMG_1366And Hurricane Ceviche Bar is off to the other.  You can not say that the amenities won’t be available.  This spot really is the HEART of town.

IMG_1367There was a reception afterward for the crowd at Holiday Hotel but I had an appointment and sadly had to hurry off.  The bar at Holiday Hotel is one of the best spots to hang out in San Pedro.  You get an AMAZING sea view and town view pretty much at the same time.  But more on that later.  Time to make my way north.

I passed Wet Willy’s.

IMG_1370And then some more slow moving construction…the new hostel going up at Sandbar.  I have a particular interest in this construction…


Ice N Beans Shop in Caye Caulker is going to be opening an outpost HERE!  And that means…hot donuts.  Mmmmmm….



Ishmael’s bar “Sandy Toes” is opening TODAY…and it’s looking pretty cute.  (Check out more information in this previous post.)

IMG_1375I wish him tons of luck.



I kept walking…Wayo’s Beach Bar was packed for Happy Hour.  It feels like the whole island is really buzzing with visitors right now.

IMG_1378Families enjoying the late afternoon…

IMG_1380And then a bit more construction.  The floor is being poured for the new “Box” for the Crossfit at DJ’s Seaside Restaurant & Bar.  They are getting new equipment AND a new location…not far from the old but right on the beach.  They are even going to incorporate the beach and the sea into some workouts.  Fun…slash scary.

IMG_1388 IMG_1390

As a very reluctant groupie of this gym…I couldn’t be more pleased.  And if you haven’t tried Crossfit, you REALLY should.  I am no athlete…in fact, I am the very opposite of one but I am loving it and the people that go there and run the place.  Very good times.

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