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Kanantik Resort & Sanctuary Belize – Where to Even Start?

Sanctuary Belize is a huge, well awarded development project currently happening in Southern Belize…just south of the Hopkins area and north of Placencia.  I do not use the word HUGE lightly.  The land is 14,000 acres.  About the size of the island of Manhattan, NY.  26 square miles.  Land that goes from Caribbean Sea to pines to savannah to jungle almost to the Mayan mountains.  Land that is going from completely undeveloped to 1800 housing lots, a 200 boat slip marina that can house boats up to 150ft in length, condos, hotels…the scope is unimaginable to me.  And I spent the day there yesterday.

So, to help answer my own questions and inquiries that I’ve been getting, I decided to send Sanctuary an email.  I have a website and a blog, I get questions about your project, can I come check it out?   Easy, right?  Actually it was.  The very next day I received an invite to come along on part of their scheduled marketing tour.  Folks considering buying…coming down for three to five days to check out their possible investment.  I could tag along.  No questions or demands…just tag along.

I am about to embark on my second day.  A trip out to the private island, Sanctuary Caye.  I toured all over Sanctuary yesterday.  From big boat to a convoy of Polarises to river boats, we saw so much…

From the marina…

IMG_1432To Tom Herskowitz’s house that was featured in the Wall Street Journal.  (He’s even got a blog if you are interested.)

IMG_1479To totally undeveloped brush and jungle.

IMG_1536BUT before I get to all of my pictures of Sanctuary, let me start where I am now…and where I arrived yesterday morning.  A GORGEOUS resort owned by Sanctuary Belize called Kanantik Lodge.  It’s where the Sanctuary visitors stay when they are touring, it’s about a 15 minute boat ride south of the development and it’s amazingly pretty.

They have their own airstrip.



I drove in with my new taxi buddy Julian from Hopkins.

The resort is made up of palapas.  Huge ones for the central dining area and lounge/bar.  And smaller private ones scattered along a beachfront boardwalk…

IMG_1403My home for one night.

IMG_1405 IMG_1407And while it looks all open, it is actually glassed in…so you can have the delightful air conditioning on if you need it.

The SanPedroScoop office right now.  Love it.

IMG_1412 IMG_1408


My walkway.

IMG_1415I hurried back to the dining area for breakfast and a few presentations about the project and the long day ahead.

I passed the pool…


And the dock where we would load on later to go to Sanctuary.

photo 4

Wow.  A big group.

IMG_1420I save ALL the Sanctuary pictures until tomorrow.  Today we are going to Sanctuary Caye, about 45 minutes offshore.  Incredible.  I’ll report back.

But let me just say?  That these guys know how to prepare one comfortable night’s sleep.

photo 1 (1)


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15 thoughts on “Kanantik Resort & Sanctuary Belize – Where to Even Start?

  1. StoneAge

    And you didn’t stop by the boat? A bit disappointed. Would have been great to see you.

    Yes, Sanctuary has an awesome dream and vision. Right now they are focusing on the infrastructure. Lots being sold MUST have power and water to them or Title cannot be conveyed so that is their main priority.

    Although the marina is close to being serviceable, there are some finishing touches that need to be done on phase 1. Cleats, water, lighting and electrical on the docks, a restaurant and bar, general store etc.. But as I said earlier, They are focusing on the lot owners being able to build right now. Phase 2 will see the south basin of the marina gain some slips and a mooring field put into service and phase 3 will be a full service yard with a 120 ton lift, dry storage and hopefully staff trained well enough to look after the boats that will be coming into the facility. There is no set time frame for completion of the marina and the yard.

    Lucy and I have lived here for 2 + years already. It’s quite a story we have. Sailed our boat down from Vancouver Island to be here and help them out in every way we can.

    1. Belize Blog

      You are going to write that story for me, right? Which boat? I saw Mariah…you guys a “parked” out in the harbor? Would LOVE to hear all about your experience for sure…

      1. StoneAge

        Yes, I will.. Just waiting to see if a couple other things happen first. Sttone Age is the 60′ Sailboat at the end of the other dock. You guys sailed right by us. :-).

    2. johnleehooker

      met you, your wife and “chef to be” daughter in 2012…back in 2014…talked out on the Caye about your trip and daughter’s/grandmother’s trip by bus…everything we own in the US has been sold/is being sold…will join you and Lucy as soon as the checks clear

  2. Lily Lebawit Girma

    I toured Kanantik while starting work on Moon Belize in Fall 2012, and on my way from Griga to Placencia, and it was just about getting up and running again. Interesting about the development though, looking forward to seeing what happens.

    1. Belize Blog

      I know…it’s scary but I am hopefull. Kanantik such an interesting place in this middle of what feels like no where. Beautiful spot for sure.

      1. Lily Lebawit Girma

        Not sure I feel hopeful 🙂 but it’s a beautiful area for sure. I came across a recent review yesterday on Sanctuary that wasn’t very positive. I guess time will tell!

        1. Belize Blog

          Exactly. In the hope for the best (since it’s a done deal) hopeful kinda way. Such a delicate area.

        2. johnleehooker

          My wife and I have been twice 2012 and 2014…amazing progress…we bought in 2012 in WaterWay Village 2…everything of ours in the US is sold or for sale…will move as soon as checks clear the bank

  3. Wayne tickell

    Sanctuary has bought way to much land & stretched their dollars very thin to a point where i think
    they are in trouble , they should have just finished the first peace of land they bought & then bought more land if it was feasible .

  4. Katherine Mandelberg

    What is the status of completion in Sanctuary as of now, January 2015? Anything new with Kanantik?

  5. Kathleen

    We are just looking in to the Belize property/market, costs, availability, the right area, and of course… Is this a good buy? I’m having trouble finding actual financial information on the properties. If you have any information please send our way! We have not toured this area yet, but are planning on a trip soon – we’ve have been going back and forth between Hawaii and Belize. I’m seeing it states Fee Simple, but are there additional taxes for the master development? I’ll continue doing my homework on this, but the photos are amazing. Thank you!

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