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An Afternoon At Grand Caribe And Palapa Bar by Day And By Night

Yesterday, I headed up north on Ambergris Caye to lounge about with some visiting friends.  These guys are planning to retire and move to the island next year but this was just a family vacation and I always jump at the chance to poke around resorts.

Particularly those I haven’t spent much time visiting.  This time it was the HUGE resort of Grand Caribe about 1.5 miles north of the bridge and San Pedro.   You can easily take a golf cart and I hear that the roads are the best they’ve been in ages.  There is even talk of the road getting paved.  (See Ambergris Today’s article from yesterday.)

I have no golf cart!  So, I took the Coastal Express water taxi.   Takes less than 10 minutes to get up there and I always love a boat ride.


Easy peasy.  And I always enjoy the ride.  Our first stop was Palapa Bar.


There is no more scenic bar on the island.  Both the view inside and out.  Next stop?  Grand Caribe.  They really have the most gorgeous dock.


I headed out later in the afternoon for a dip…nice and deep (well 4-5 feet) at the very end of the dock and perfectly blue.


I’m going to post pictures.  Grand Caribe does have a gorgeous pool, HUGE BEAUTIFUL rooms/condos and a very very VERY pretty beach front.  It’s just not exactly my style.  But it is great for so many things…



I do like that the plants and shrubs are growing quickly (as they do down here) and the property is look a bit more lush.IMG_1528


And a gorgeous view from the balcony.  Beautiful now matter what your favorite hotel style is.

IMG_1537 IMG_1538


Later in the afternoon, we decided to make a stop at Palapa Bar before heading back into town.   It’s one very lovely thing about Grand Caribe – it is so close to great bars and restaurants.

And I love to walk down to Palapa…that stretch of beach, really the whole Tres Cocos area is so pretty.

This almost looks fake.


And then there she is…the Palapa Bar.  Walk with me…


This place is WAY photogenic.  Even with just my IPhone (my new camera touches down in Belize TODAY!)

IMG_1573We went in…chatted with the lovely bartenders Chee & Ivan.  I had some smoked fish dip.  And then it was back out and back to town as the sun set.


What is NOT to love about a bar that looks like this.  And has THIS displayed on the walls?




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8 thoughts on “An Afternoon At Grand Caribe And Palapa Bar by Day And By Night

  1. Dale

    The Palapa bar is always fun. Did you get a bucket of beer lowered to you while you float in the tubes? And the burger there is excellent.

    1. Belize Blog

      I have never been in the tubes! Can you believe it?!? Spent a full afternoon in the sun at Grand Caribe…it was time to get inside! One day…

  2. TarheelBornGal

    Enjoyed seeing our old home! I agree with you; when I first saw it, I didn’t care for the style from the outside either; too big, barren, and “out there”. But once I saw the inside of the condos, I fell in love. And the views…they really made it. Like you say too, the foliage is growing up quickly, the flowers, shrubs, and palms are very pretty, and it’s only going to get better with time!

    1. Belize Blog

      Inside and the views…I totally agree. Gorgeous. It’s just always a bit strange to me…you get off the boat and feel like you could be in…Orlando. But it is perfect for vacation…and for kids. And for the location.

  3. MarriedinBelize

    Thank you so much for these pictures!! I’m getting married there in July and have never actually seen the property!! If you have any suggestions on wedding planning in San Pedro I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

    1. Belize Blog

      That’s such a tough one. Definitely ask your resort. I’ve seen weddings at Grand Caribe and…super pretty. It’s one of my fave docks on the island. Congrats and good luck!

  4. curtis

    ahh .those pixs of your feet are my favorite ones..proves your a true professional in the art of relaxing rebecca. they wouldn’t have approved of that at Lehmans,now would they ?the couple that built a resort that was once known as Salamander, worked as a trader for credit suisse ..i asked once how many phone calls day he took…he bet around 2000 know i never once saw him in any of his hammocks on the beach. poor guy couldn’t let it go…moved back to england. I see you managed to do quite the opposite. good on you !!!! keep up the great work !

    1. Belize Blog

      Yeah…NEVER moving back. Salamander…hmmm. I think that is now SUPER POSH resort El Secreto. Maybe it’s time for him to return. Thank GOD I didn’t do that many phone calls. I would guess maybe 100? 2000 makes my entire body hurt!

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