What to Expect: Easter 2014 on Ambergris Caye

Easter is a LONG holiday in Belize.   Banks close for a half day on Thursday and it seems like the entire country heads to the beach.  Good Friday all the way through Easter Monday.  The huge party all kicks off with a DRY DAY.  Golf carts are ALL rented (and being driven around town like bumper cars), hotel rooms for 2 are packed with 15…let the good times begin!

But:  Good Friday in Belize is celebrated without alcohol.  Dry.  Though not exactly.  The holy day is observed without alcohol sales.  There are low key pool, beach and house parties galore.   And check on your boat trips – many tour companies and fishermen dock their boats for the day in observance.

The town center is a bit quiet since all bars and most restaurants are closed and there is a Roman Catholic procession through the streets of San Pedro.   (More pictures from 2 years ago here.)

IMG_4936But fear not party animals…the beach prancing, the dirty dancing and the loud music starts at midnight.  And runs right on through to Monday morning.  Here are some of the options in San Pedro.  From Holiday Hotel up to Boca del Rio park, the beach will be packed with people.

If you are a lady and NOT wearing a neon bikini, neon faux-Raybans and short jeans shorts rolled down at the waist?  Men – neon board shorts and shirtless.  T-shirt casually slung over the shoulder as if you hadn’t planned on taking it off…like you haven’t been working out for months leading up to this.  Don’t blame ME if you feel out of place.

The Holiday Hotel always has a huge bash.  See?  DJ Zog even has the correct eye wear.

1509014_753807561304284_1976724999_nThe party at Fido’s is huge and starts LATE.


This is Luna Loca’s big day of the year.

10151322_811911385503617_9128980828930991404_n (1)


My friend DJ Debbie is throwing a weekend long party with Sweet Pain Band, DJs and a booze cruise.10153105_710047315685297_2145111639220717243_n



Jaguar’s Night Club and Daddy Rock’s will keep the parties going until dawn.  Ugh is all I have to say about that…

Monday is a recovery day.  Everyone reeling with goma (Kriol for hangover) travels back to the mainland or just retires to their beds.

I am headed out to Benque Viejo this morning on the border of Guatemala and Belize to see how they do Easter.  I hear that they still observe the entire week very religiously (passion play and all) and I want to check it all out.  Starting EARLY tomorrow morning…


I’m excited to participate.  And will fill you in for sure.

OH!  And don’t forget the annual Lions Den pancake breakfast with the Easter bunny on Sunday!  Here the bunny is a few years ago taking an important call…



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