Hamanasi Adventure Resort in Hopkins: A Belize Luxury Lodge At Its Best

There is a faux word for luxury camping now.  To Glamp.  Let me place it in a sentence.  One that I secretly would LOVE to use.  “Smithers, please pack the Louis Vuittons and my new Louboutin sports sandals, for we are going glamping in Belize.”

That’s the royal we in case you were wondering.

It’s quite an exaggeration for Belize (my imaginary Louis Vuittons are SO not necessary here) but you get the idea.  And it brings to my mind one of the fantastic and very comfortable ways to experience Belize.  A way where you don’t need to worry about much.  A beautiful blend of rustic and chic with a heavy dose of fantastic service that a few spots in Belize do SO well.


Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort in Hopkins is definitely one of them.  This resort is gorgeous with immaculate attention to detail but not at all uptight.


You know you are in Belize for sure.  The decor, the food, the drinks, the furnishing, the floweres, THE VIEW but your resort is just so well appointed.   Quiet luxury.  I’m still working on the term.


Hamanasi is spread on a long stretch of beach at the south end of Hopkins in an area called Sittee Point.  The beach front is gorgeously immaculate but there are plenty of trees, chairs and hammocks for shade and lounging.  Pretty…


Though the hotel seemed almost at capacity, the pool area was very quiet in the mornings.



IMG_1888In the a.m., the snorkel and dive boats are out…


And everyone is out doing what makes Hopkins so appealing…out doing everything.  From birding to hiking waterfalls to Mayan ruins to diving to…look at these options.

IMG_1841This resort is INCREDIBLE about organizing fantastic tours.  They have their own top notch dive center and adventure center so that all the guides are on-site all day for information.

IMG_1886And the hotel has a beautiful restaurant.  So at lunch, after the tours, everyone is sitting on the wrap around porch noshing and discussing what they saw (a dolphin and her baby!) and what they did.   Comparing notes.

IMG_1861The view from my lunch time seat.


Or you can eat down by the pool.


Oh yes…and my beachfront suite.  The resort fans out from the main dining area.


And my room was large and beautiful.  With a very comfortable bed and lots of fresh white crispy pillows.  And turn down service while you are at dinner…love.



A large balcony with seating and a hammock…


And a view to the sea.

IMG_1723And candy?   Belizean coconut fudge?  These guys know me!


Another thing to love?  Hamanasi is a huge supporter of the Hopkins Humane Society – they often host visiting vets and clinic volunteers.  I met a few four legged Hamanasi residents.  My very favorite is Ginger…this little pumpkin who lost her eye to cancer.

She could be found in various states of repose around the resort.



I loved my overnight stay at Hamanasi.  The staff is beyond lovely and helpful – from the gardeners to the front desk.  I found myself lounging in the common area enjoying the infused water for at least an hour each day…


I can’t think of anything more refreshing on a hot day.  Watermelon-ginger.  Orange-basil.  I couldn’t get enough.

photo (28)

I love this spot.   And while I went the complete relaxation route (pool to beach hammock to nap to lazy walk to the village with lots of infused water in between), you could keep yourself very busy also.  There were quite a few families there with kids of all ages that seemed to be doing a bit of both.  Morning hike to a waterfall and afternoon lounge by the beach?   I can’t imagine how you’d go wrong at Hamanasi.IMG_1867I’ll be back for sure.


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