Middle Street San Pedro Finds – Art and Ice

As many of you know, the town of San Pedro, Belize has three main roads – The Front Street, Middle Street and the Back Street.  Each has more recently been renamed but I never hear anyone refer to these streets as Tarpon Street or…I don’t even remember the other names.  It’s easiest to keep them simple.

The Front Street lies along the sea and yesterday, with the wind coming off the lagoon (rather than from the reef), it was sparkly gorgeous.  I mean postcard perfect.

Here’s a pic from Central Park in downtown San Pedro.  Ideal for snorkeling and diving.

photo 4

Front Street is the wider, more pedestrian friendly street but I find that many of my favorite shops are on much more narrow, crowded Middle Street.  Yesterday I was wandering and found two cool places.  (Well one I’ve found many many many times before.)

The first caught my eye with the hand painted signs.  I’ve gone on and ON about signs in the past.  Like in this post:  The Cute, The Quirky and the Ugly Signs of… and others that I can list at the end of this page  But here are two instantly that drew my eye yesterday.

photo 2

Taste the difference?  Difference from what?photo 1

$2bzd for a shaved ice?  Don’t mind if I do…I stopped in for one totally old school snow cone.  Lime syrup (they have lots of flavors) that all sinks right to the bottom.  Once this thing softened up and I could mix it, it was a pre-lunch delight.  I’ll have one again.

You can pay .50 extra for condensed milk which I know many love.  But I’ll stick to the classic.

Particularly in the summer.

photo 3Just about a block north is Saul’s shop and he is the reigning king of painted signs.  All hail the king.  Stop in just to look at the cute labels and packaging and t-shirts…the guy knows how to design a logo.

IMG_7854 (1)

Saul owns The Rum, Cigar and Coffee Shop that is THE coolest spot in town to have a coffee, meet all sorts of characters, take a seat inside (in his new lounge) or out front and watch the world go by.  Also an EXCELLENT spot to drop off your husband while you do some shopping.  Cigar and coffee with rum cream?  He’ll be glad to wait.

My friend Luis has been helping Saul at the shop for about the last month and I didn’t know it…but he is a talented artist.  I stopped in yesterday to say hello and saw these tiny paintings and fell in love.

Luis’ nieces and children that he knows.  Each only a few inches high.

photo 2

How super cute.  So…walking in my own town, that I walk through every single day, I discovered two new cool things.

For more information on shopping on Ambergris Caye, check out my shopping guide.  It’s not always easy to find, but there is some great stuff in San Pedro.


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