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A Walk Into San Pedro Town – New Crossfit Gym, Lunch & Chocolate

The countdown is officially on.  My Canon G10 camera – misplaced over a week ago – is OFFICIALLY lost.  I combed the town, from frequent hang outs to pawn shops, and it’s gone.   GONE.  Crushing.

Yesterday, after much diddling about, I ordered a new camera from Amazon.  I waffled for days between the Canon G16, SX50 (heavy but TONS of zoom), the fancy S120 and its touch screen focusing and the SX700.  Zoom and easy portablility.  The SX700 is on her way to Florida now.

I can’t wait.  Until April 29th, the photos will be IPhone 4S.  Here is a look at some of what I saw yesterday.

Up in the Boca Del Rio area (north of town), my Crossfit gym is building a new box.  (Box = gym in CrossTalk.)  Right on the beach…larger open space.  This is going to be good.  The cement slab has been poured and set and yesterday, the walls started going up.

10150761_10203588990989306_6224998075870541919_n 10308351_10203588990149285_3617205224947336833_n

Later, around lunchtime, I took the beach back into town for errands galore (including dreaded trips to not just one BUT two local banks).  Not a bad day for a stroll.

At Caribbean Villas dock (about 3/4 of a mile south of town…maybe less.)


The dock in front of Crazy Canuck’s beach bar.IMG_1150



The dock at the Belize Yacht Club.  I spent about half of my first year on the island laying on this dock.



Northward to the Bowen/Belikin dock.

And Ramon’s Village.  The beach is looking particularly gorgeous there…IMG_1160 IMG_1161


The sign at The Belize Chocolate Company drew me in…


as did the description of the special.  Lime and dark chocolate is a magical combination I’ve found just recently.  And how civilized to stop on a hot day in a cool shop for a bon-bon?IMG_1167


I stopped in to Graniel’s wood shop to see what’s new and admired this fish.  Love the rough wood stand.  The price was around $80bzd.  I’ve said it before but I love this store…

IMG_1174And then on to lunch…but I need to report back on that later since I’m also heading here for breakfast in a few hours.  Already deciding whether to have Coconut French Toast or Choco-Churro hot cakes.

Yeah…you are right.  Both.


This is not something that you eat every day…

For information on most of the businesses mentioned above, click on the links just below.


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8 thoughts on “A Walk Into San Pedro Town – New Crossfit Gym, Lunch & Chocolate

  1. TarheelBornGal

    Ah yes, one of my most favorite treats in the entire world is chocolate-covered frozen key lime pie on a stick in Key West. So I could go for those bon-bons! And even the Scotch eggs (which I’ve never tried) look good. What is in the breading/coating of those?

  2. Dale

    I love chocolate and the Belize chocolate was a little different. Guess I should try it one more time.

    1. Belize Blog

      Try again. When I first came I tried Goss…and I thought it was gritty. But Kakaw here on the island is creamy and delish.

  3. mysteryboy

    methinks you will like the SX700. Great lil compact cam. Handles low light well and a pretty good zoom too!. Don’t forget your neck strap……….. 🙂

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