Ambergris Caye Humane Society’s Monthly Cook-Off: Are YOU Man Enough?

The SAGA Humane Society is a group close to my heart.  They provided the first real medical care for the animals, both pets and strays, on the island over 10 years ago.  They are working hard, solely through volunteers and donations to not only provide care for pets, but to educate the population, deal with problem strays, try to remove animals from dangerous situations, get cats and dogs adopted, to raise money for a new, cleaner, better clinic…it’s endless work.

Each month they do a fundraising cook-off (and as you’ll see below, I’ve written about LOTS of them), to raise the funds to help keep things going.  Yesterday, I attended May’s event but FIRST…let me show you something cool that falls into the education category.  Two commericals for local TV focusing on a super important issue.  Starring local celebs and locals – IT’S HIP TO SNIP.

Dog balls are SO 25 years ago.

Kelly McGuire, Texas TropRock country star, and some local residents star.  Take a look…

Good stuff…great message.

Okay…back to the cook-off.  Yesterday, the venue was Carlo and Ernie’s Runway bar.  I arrived a bit early to take some pictures of the set up and the sun set.

IMG_5625 IMG_5626

People started filling in.  VERY generous donated prizes from Melt Cafe, Boaz Golf Cart rentals, NO RUSH sailing (see my trip with those guys) and Palapa Bar!

IMG_5629 IMG_5633IMG_5630

The view of the runway.  And the cute coasters drying…


The food started arriving.  The category Tex-Mex.  The interpretations loose.  But delicious.

IMG_5635 IMG_5636

Seafood ceviche.


And more.

Oh yes…the very pretty sunset view.


I did not try the food…it sold out quick!  But I DID eat four of these rich, gooey DELICIOUS brownies.  I waited for the buzz but…nothing.  I got a natural high from helping the dogs and cats of San Pedro.


See!  The food went fast.  And those at the VIP tables were served first.


Eileen of DandE’s Frozen Custard and Kathy of SAGA and Pampered Paws were working hard.  And they are two of my favorite people in town.


And after eating, the raffle tickets were drawn.  Bringing up very happy winners.  And leaving me pouting.

Yeah!  A gift certificate from the Palapa Bar!  Tonight, the full moon, would be PERFECTION there.  Take a look a my picture a few days ago.  Oooh.  Ahhhh….



IMG_5670 IMG_5671 IMG_5672

And a trip for 2 on the No Rush Catamaran.  Lucky devil.IMG_5673To learn MORE about SAGA, how you can volunteer, or adopt or donate or all three, check out their website.

For more information on the businesses mentioned above?  See below.


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