A Beautiful Lunch At Elvi’s Kitchen And Some Animals About Town

Perhaps this is scattered topic week.  Random posts around San Pedo that actually aren’t so random.   My days, THANK GOODNESS, aren’t about sitting in an office but getting around town, there are always lots of errands to do, people to meet, places to see.  It’s hard to get the scoop sitting on your couch.

Here is some of what I saw yesterday.

I walked into town at lunch time for a meeting and passed the new Diamante project just south of Blue Water Grill.   They just officially broke ground about one month ago and it’s growing.  Quickly.


Just north, lunchtime in San Pedro means hundreds of school kids out and about.  Playing on the beach, running home for lunch, buying candy from the local stands.  The waves have been strong this week – much due to the wind.  These cute boys were playing chicken with the waves.  Risky kids.  No one wants to return for the afternoon session with wet sneakers and pants.


I had planned to go to Estel’s Dine by the Sea for their delicious breakfast all day.  I was going to get my usual and set up my computer for a few hours to answer some questions for a magazine article.

IMG_0302But Estel’s was oddly closed.  Maybe taking a little well deserved time off.   I headed over to Middle Street and Elvi’s Kitchen.  A restaurant that I can NOT write about without showing this picture of me and Prince Harry.  PRINCE HARRY!


It’s hanging on the wall at Elvi’s – part of a bigger photo (obviously) but I like to sit right beneath it if I can.  Yesterday the corner table was taken but I settled in…


I was very torn between the delicious coconutty conch chowder – an absolutely HUGE lunch – or the taco menu.


I picked the beef Mango Chipotle Tacos and they were DELICIOUS.  I love sweet fruit with meat…the sauce?  Yum.  Best tacos I’ve had in a long time.  Tender beef and fresh mango?  $20bzd.



I ate, I worked and then I ate again.  It’s always an impossible choice between Elvi’s Caye Lime Pie and the Coconut Pie.  But yesterday, the choice was made for me.   Miss Elvi’s coconut was still in the oven.

So…ta dah!

IMG_1652Diamante is also doing to some interesting advertising around town.  Which only made me think of me…me…me.  How cool would SanPedroScoop sunglasses coasters be?


I stopped over at Tropic Air in hopes of meeting the woman who brought my new camera from the states.  I sat and watched the feeding of the barracuda and the lion fish in the huge aquarium at the terminal.


The barracuda would herd the little fish and then move in for the kill…and then the next kill…IMG_1658I had some time before heading over to the Zen Arcade for a SUPER FUN dance class at 4:30pm followed by candle light yoga at 6pm.


The SAGA Humane Society is just down the street and…well…a really amazing place thanks to the employees and the volunteers.   A few years ago, Mark, the manager at beautiful The Phoenix Resort, donated this cattery to SAGA.  So that the cats could spend the days in the huge enclosure playing, sleeping, being socialized and trying to escape.  It’s what cats do.

I decided to work on the socializing part.  More therapy for me – I love holding a shy cat.


Or playing with a fiesty one.


Or just petting this young mama cat (she’s now been fixed)…she was eating up the loving.

IMG_1660Love cats.  CALL SAGA and see when it is convenient to stop over and love cats.  Being good with people helps them get adopted and you can easily tell the ones who really need it.  So fun.


ANd I must continue to chant this to myself.  I can not have another cat.  I can not have another cat.  Because this little orange and white one who just wants to be held?  Well…I want to hold him forever.





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