Belize’s Biggest Gathering: The 2014 National Agriculture & Trade Show – Part Two

The National Agriculture & Trade Show in Belmopan is a BIG DEAL.  Yesterday, I posted pictures of the rides, some of the booths, the food.  Here are lots more pictures of what I saw.  The music was loud, it was crowded but not THAT crowded, it was hot but thankfully there was a bit of a cloud cover to save us from all out blazing heat.

Mostly it’s a TON of good times and a little sprinkling of danger.  Just like this massive, fast moving ferris wheel and it’s pre-teen operator.



Totally worth the risk for the view.


So let me continue where I left off yesterday…



The British High Commission had a good sized booth…IMG_5219

And Cornish Pasties warming on the grill.IMG_5220

Many odd vehicles.  IMG_5221

What’s this one for?  I asked.  It’s for extracting the first one from the mud if it gets stuck.  Odd.IMG_5222


IMG_5223 IMG_5224

IMG_5230 IMG_5226

A very serious young cowboy.



Farm equipment on display, real and straw.IMG_5238

LOVE to buy some local goat cheese but I feel like it wouldn’t travel well in my bag.IMG_5239 IMG_5241

Lots of fruit trees for sale from the beautiful breadfruit to mangos of all sorts.


The very difficult vegetable judging.


I do not envy the judge his job.  How could you possibly choose The Best Cabbage in Belize – they look exactly the same.  Weight was clearly involved…


I always love the folks just doing their own thing.  Making yummy jam like these two Swiss-Bealizeans.  $3-$4.50bzd for DELICIOUS spreads.  I bought quite a few.


Tamarind is my very favorite.

IMG_5255And more tamarind – bought a bottle of this tasty sauce.  Had some on my chicken last night.


Had to grab a cocoa mint body scrub too.  I am, after all, a connoisseur of all things chocolate.



I SO would have purchased one of these beautiful hangings but knew it would arrive home in a tangled mess.


Time for the kids rodeo.  Saturday was the children (you’d put your 7 year old on a bucking calf, right?) and Sunday for the adults.

IMG_5297Barrel Racing.  Super cute.


Kids on angry calves…more cute/scary.IMG_5316 IMG_5304

And those looking on…IMG_5320The beer tents and the cell phone providers were especially packed but not really my thing.  SO much other good stuff to do and see.

IMG_5325 IMG_5326

Very fun times.  If you haven’t been here, you’ve got to go.

IMG_5294 IMG_5205

I left to the EXTREMELY loud music of one of Belize’s most talented bands – Gilharry 7.IMG_5259 IMG_5260Until next year…



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