Casa de Paradiso, Ambergris Caye: A Night at A Gorgeous Rental House in A Gorgeous Location

Just a few weeks ago, I received a note from a house owner in the beautiful Tres Cocos area of Ambergris Caye.  She rents her house out by the weekend or by the week and would like to advertise on my site.  Okay, I thought…perfect.  This is, after all, my job & how I keep myself fed and clothed.

But in all my travelling both in Belize or anywhere else, I had never done a house rental.  I’ve always stayed in B&Bs or hotels so to make sure I could properly understand what I was advertising (critical you see), I was going to have to stay the night.   And HOLY CRAP.  If you are travelling with a group or with your extended family or just another couple, let me show you this place.   Because both the area and the home itself knocked my socks off.

What a crazy fun week you could have at this spot, Casa Paradiso.

The home is located just 1.5 miles north of the bridge.  A very easy ride to and from town by bike or golf cart or Coastal Express water taxi.  That’s the route I went and we were the first stop…right at the Palapa Bar.

I walked down the dock.


And down this little path and was there.IMG_5835


This house!  I’ve admired it for a while.

Casa de Paradiso-102

It’s absolutely gorgeous.  I mean seriously amazing.  Here are some pictures of the outside.  The pool, the BBQ area, the balconies, the view.

IMG_5856 IMG_5840 IMG_5844

I mean…COME ON!  Look how pretty at night.

Casa de Paradiso-74

Plus…the Palapa Bar at night?  Ridiculous.  I had my camera glued to my hand the whole time.

Casa de Paradiso-57

View from the front steps…


This house is huge and my business partner, Chris and his wife stayed as well.  Take a look at his sunrise photo.  I think it’s the first time he has ever been out of bed at dawn.  But worth it I say.

What a gorgeous morning.

Casa de Paradiso-85

Oh yes…enough about the area.  The inside is not so bad either.

Three bedrooms, three bathes…Chris also took these beautiful inside shots before I even arrived.  ( I KNOW what you are thinking – he should take all my photos!  I don’t disagree.)

The master bedroom & bath.Casa de Paradiso-24

The home is immaculate.  Look at the shine on the floors and ceilings.Casa de Paradiso-25


I love that it is beachy Belizean but still very modern and super comfortable.untitled-174

untitled-187 Casa de Paradiso-6

All with the largest air conditioning unit I ever seen in my entire life.

Paradise.  Seriously.

Casa de Paradiso-132

What a gorgeous house, what a great location – the supermarket is easy to reach, restaurants like Aji and Ak’Bol, Palapa Bar and Lazy Croc are all within walking distance.

Town is just a few beach bikeable miles away.

You could have a seriously fun vacation at this house.


And yes…I KNOW what you are thinking.   Sometimes it’s a struggle to do my job.  Sigh…

For ALL the information on Casa Paradiso, check out their ad on this very site and their VRBO listing here.

Casa de Paradiso-27

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