It’s Been Too Short Placencia – My Last & Only Full Day Around The Village

Yesterday started as most do…with a bit of blogging and coffee sipping but this time on a breezy veranda on the south side of Placencia Village on the Southern coast of Belize.

My spot at Sea Glass Inn, Placencia floating in the treetops.


No time for dilly dallying though.  Though the village is a very small one, it’s practically busting with charm and quaint beachy-ness, art and jewelry and lots and lots of good food.  Like the most beautiful gelato you are going to find in Central America at Tutti Frutti Gelato shop…

IMG_6018First stop is always Above Grounds Coffee.  Just a lovely treehouse that serves very very good coffee…a comfortable spot to have a bagel, a huge creamy latte and continued internet session.


I got through my usual routine of trying to convince the owner to open a shop in San Pedro.  He gives silly reasons like the the rent in San Pedro is three times San Pedro.  He’d have to sell 1000 coffees a month.  He’d have to be in two places at once.  EXCUSES EXCUSES!

I made a quick stop in my favorite jewelry shop.   The Art Affair Gallery.  The owner also sells her lovely pieces in RubiMoon in San Pedro but here are the earrings that I decided I was in love with…

IMG_6014 IMG_6015

I love them but my friend rudely pointed out that I don’t wear earrings.


We next stopped in a local bar/palapa-pub just off the main road called “The Pickled Parrot”.

IMG_6034I’ve been meaning to stop in on my last few trips to test out the $10bzd lunch special.  Yesterday it was a hearty one…


The place is breezy and the bar stool super comfortable.  I could stick around here for a while…

IMG_6035 IMG_6036

The owner Gene is from New Jersey.  Down by Philadelphia, the other side of the state from where I hail, but still (technically) Jersey.  Proper accent and everything.

Kareem the bartender is good times…you MUST ask him about his towel trick.  I don’t know how impressive it is…but you can tease him about it on the rest of your stay in Placencia.

IMG_6037 We wandered down the road…and all it’s cuteness.  The always charming Omar’s Creole cuisine, practically buckling under the weight of the beautifully flowering vines.


Next up the Barefoot Bar.  Always a great place for the sea view…



the super colorful interior…

IMG_6038and the reliable tasty food.  I went for the swiss and mushroom burger.  The burger meat is not the finest in the world…but with the plentiful toppings and lots of mustard & mayo, it really hits the spot.  For lots more on Barefoot Bar, click here.



My friend had never been to Placencia…we were hitting all the hot spots.  We swung right next door to the Tipsy Tuna.


And then to my suite for the night at the SeaView Suites.  A HUGE airy second floor spot…

MY BUS IS HERE!  I’m off from Independence to Punta Gorda for the Chocolate Festival.  I’ll report back and give you the rest of my evening in Placencia.

It sure is gorgeous day…



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