The Trip From Ambergris Caye To Placencia, Yoli’s Bar and The Lovely Sea Glass Inn

I’ve taken this bus ride quite a few times from North to South (or mid to lower South) in Belize.    San Pedro to Belize City via the 7:30am San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi.  1.25 hours.  $44bzd round-trip IF you have a membership card.

map_of_belize (1)9:15am – Bus from Belize City to Belmopan and then down to Independence (over the Maya Mountains).

Here is much of my trip.  That which is not shown in photographs was spent sleeping…I could not keep my eyes open on this bus.  Each time I was jostled awake, someone new was sitting next to me.

Or bus snacking.  I bought bus cookies, pizza and johnny cakes from the vendors and kept myself busy.

Belize City bus station was blissfully, Wednesday morning, under control.  No push to get on the bus.

photo 1

I claimed my favorite front row seat (great view and the conductor is right there…in case you like to sleep the whole time, a watchful eye can’t hurt)…and this lady came on the bus to sell banana bread and chocolate cake.  “This cake will make your body sexy and nice.  Even you tourist.”  She added that last bit when she saw me taking the picture.

I do like to be included.  And am glad the clear skinned body is not immune to sexy niceness.

photo 2

The journey is long for sure…it rained some of the time but most of the trip was spent under nice cool dark clouds.  BUT it only costs $19bzd.

And a part of it in the perfurmed scent of this squashed orange truck.  Juice removed, these guys are off to the fertilizer plant.

It was like there were 2000 citrus air freshening trees hanging in the bus…

photo 3

At 1:30, we arrived in Independence/Mango Creek (a look around the town).  My favorite taxi guy in the country Karl (YES, I am prone to superlatives but surely you know that already) gave me the quick ride over to the Hokey Pokey Water taxi.  He also gave me some mangos.  I had no idea there were so many types.  He gave me “hairy” mangos and “#11” mangos.

The whole mainland is LITTERED with them right now.


To the Hokey Pokey:  $10bzd.  2:30pm.  10 minutes for the trip from the mainland to Placencia Village on the peninsula.

photo 4Ta dah!  I made it to Placencia.  And though it cost me about 7 hours, it also cost me only $51bzd.

I went to the south end of the village (maybe a 10 minute walk) and checked into the LOVELY Sea Glass Inn.  Reasonably priced, all newly renovated, right on the water, gorgeous verandas and one very comfortable room.  I love the decor.

Air conditioning that I didn’t need because there is a TURBO ceiling fan (you know the kind that look like airplane propellers?) and a gorgeous breeze.

IMG_5946The area is quiet but walk down a small path and your are right in the village.  (Which is also quiet.)

There are only 6 rooms at the Sea Glass and then two huge shared verandas.  God, I would love to have this at my place.  I would never go inside.


Hammocks, coffee machine and microwave, table…great lounge area.


The outside…

IMG_5954 IMG_5955

This might be my new favorite spot in Placencia.   I walked down a few lots to Yoli’s Bar to meet a friend.  The south side of Placencia is an area with lots of visiting sailboats…

And these fishermen.


Yoli’s has the boating crowd and a handful of crusty expats.

I ordered my regular.  A delicious iced Fanta soda water.

photo 5

Some pictures around Yoli’s.

IMG_5989 IMG_5977


We made a pit stop at Mojo Lounge…one of the coolest spots in town.  Funky air conditioned restaurant inside and the deck overlooking the street…I tried a soursop punch.


And enjoyed some live music.


DEFINITELY put this place on your Placencia list.  Just stop in for cocktails on the deck and maybe appetizers to start.  With a VERY creative drink list menu – names like “the Doogie Howser” and the “Quiver Colada” (and the stories behind the names), a wildy inexpensive happy hour & ingredients like sour sop and fresh coconut water- I think you’ll like it here.


And then dinner…Italian…the real deal at La Dolce Vita.


I just LOVE Placencia.  There is something so hometown feeling about it.  EASY to navigate (everything is on “the sidewalk” or “the road”), inexpensive, laid back, beachy, friendly.

What’s not to love?  The bartender at Yoli’s didn’t have change for the $20US we offered – the bill was $14bzd – and just told us to come back tomorrow and pay him.  Doesn’t that give you a warm y fuzzy feeling?

For lots more information (and just another opinion) on tours, restaurants and things to do in and around Placencia, check out this blog post:  Placencia, Belize:  A Laid Back Place for a Change of Pace.  I just stumbled upon it this morning and these guys did a very thorough job.

OH…and…the town is quite busy right now.  April and May are the time to dive with whale sharks (ONE CRAZY AWESOME experience).  And Lobsterfest in Placencia is coming up soon.  Jun 27, 28 and 29th.  In case you are thinking about visiting…

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