Extravagant Wine Pairing Dinner at the Always Delicious Casa Picasso

Belize is best known for our locally made rums and for the national beer – Belikin.  Wine is a relatively new import.  When I first moved to Belize, the selection was very limited and very expensive (even a bottle of Pina Colada flavored Boone’s is often priced over $20bzd – clearly VERY distressing to my upscale palate).  Now, more and more wine from all over the world is being imported and the prices are getting more reasonable and the selection, actually, is fantastic.

Wine De Vine is a gorgeous wine & cheese shop just south of town that has so many of my favorite foods – from olives to pate to proscuitto to cheese cakes.  (I’m a food gal.)  They also have an extensive selection of wines and champagnes.  Last night, they partnered with Casa Picasso restaurant to show off quite a few of them.

IMG_5791 IMG_5792

As you can see, the tables were set up for some serious drinking….I mean tasting.

IMG_5799I brought my gorgeous Belizean-made MayaBag – because MayaBags make EVERYTHING a special occasion.  Also, she enjoys art.

IMG_5801Amarys was playing music in the small courtyard.


And the crowd started with a delicious prossecco.  Along with their mingling.  I’ll apologize in advance.  I was more into enjoying the food than taking pictures.  Luckily Adam from Casa Picasso (unknowingly) helped me out.

IMG_5808 IMG_5807We were all seated.  Wow.


And the menu and pairings.  Small print but worth reading.  Some specials, some…like the luscious (YES LUSCIOUS) short ribs…are on the regular menu.


And the courses were served.  Snook sashimi style.

IMG_5817My favorite, this cheese custard.  The lightest, most silky texture that left you wanting an additional 3 whole baguettes, a bushel of arugula and a bucket of the cheese.

IMG_5820The gorgeous tender fatty short ribs on a bed of vanilla risotto.  Pork in Belize and prepared this way is just good stuff.

IMG_5824Each paired with a wine or two and the whole meal finished with some port that had the inebriated crowd chanting for more.

Fantastic, indulgent night.  And like I said…extravagant.  Look at these fantastic photos that Adam, co-owner of Casa Picasso took of the very happy crowd…

Lovely Rose and Bob, the author of my favorite San Pedro blog.  He’s a real writer!


Jackie, co-owner of the Casa and Trevor from Lola’s Pub.  Jackie has an amazing ability to make this whole evening look absolutely effortless.  VERY impressive.10152388_808323062513712_3350319976130754045_n

Charles from Estel’s and friends having a great time at the corner table.10373758_808322929180392_2874967803827619102_n 1507986_808322925847059_5534217572907148050_n


A photo of me and my table.  Hmmm…one would have thought I could run a comb through my hair before an event like this.


And Flor from Wine De Vine really knows her stuff when it comes to wine.  She was calm collected knowledgeable and pretty amazing.

10269625_808323112513707_8565354638692937324_nSo…if you are in the mood for a nice glass and perhaps a bit of cheese or just something to snack on, stop into Wine De Vine.  (OH!  And email me first so I can join in.)  Grab a comfy chair, luxuriate in some air conditioning and take a wine-time-out in San Pedro.

And Casa PIcasso remains one of my island favorites.  From the food to the owners to the atmosphere, it’s just a gorgeous place to dine.

For more on both of these places, check out my posts below.  Cheers!




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