Follow the Signs to The New Rum+Bean Cafe & Mahogany Bay Village, South Ambergris Caye

WHERE?  you may ask and as of early this morning, so would I.  Mahogany Bay Village is  a relatively new, sometimes controversial area just south of me at about Mile 2 South Ambergris Caye.  At one time, when the land was being filled it was dubbed “Sugar Caye” but that was later changed and in the past year, the area has seem some HEAVY construction.

I’ve only really seen it from the air.  The large front gate to the area, yes but inside, I had yet to take a peek.

So earlier this week when lots of signs went up south of town like this…



And then I heard the new cafe was in this development, I knew I needed to go take a look.  And this morning I did.  Here is what I was surprised to find.

I walked past the gorgeous Victoria House entrance…

IMG_6887And then on the right hand side is this ELABORATE gate right below the BWS water tower.


The Rum+Bean sign is fluttering in the wind and the gates are finally open!


This impressive drive and then…





There is a beautiful breeze this morning and the sun is shining brightly.

The first two fully finished and opened buildings.  On the right is the Mahogany Bay village offices and of the left, the gorgeous Rum+Bean Cafe.


I walked to the right, but there is a sign that basically says do not enter.

IMG_6863To the right of that sign…


And to the left.  Really pretty buildings.  Impressive really.



I went to the joint courtyard behind the coffee shop and office…

IMG_6867And then in front.  There is a grand plan for the area.  LOTS of buildings.  According to the website, other destinations this team helped “bring to life” are the Cancun Ritz Carlton, Camana Bay in the Caymen Island and other posh places.  Wow.


And finally in.  This place is…amazingly well done.  Wow.  Flawless.


Mahogany shabby chic.  But not so shabby.  Very much like the Banana Republic stores in the 80s and 90s or Abercrombie & Fitch today.  Safari chic.


I LOVE this gorgeous table.  A huge block of some beautiful sun washed hardwood.


Ball jars, the old time now new trend that is sweeping the US, are everywhere.

IMG_6879 IMG_6882

Even holding iced tea and coffees in the cooler.



Right now they are doing coffee, frappes, drinks and some pastries.  The owner lives above the shop as well as in the states.

IMG_6874I tried the coconut latte, tasty but super sweet (even for me!) and I hear the mochas are AMAZING.  The prices are shockingly reasonable especially with the great Wi-Fi and the oh-so-civilized atmosphere.


Beautiful place in a bit of an odd spot.  Or maybe not…when this place grows…and opens, then there will be a crowd.  For now, ALL the signs, should make them a nice stop for those who stay or live way south of town.

It’s only a 10 minute walk from my place or a 2 minute drive.  I think I’ll be back…

Rum+Bean is open at 7am each morning (but Sunday) and that in itself is a very good thing.  If you know more about Mahogany Bay or own a place there, I’d love to hear about it.  They do have a website if you are interested in learning more.

I’m going to take a look right now.

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