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Placencia, Belize’s Lobsterfest is One Giant Beach Party

Even though I live on a gorgeous beach in Ambergris Caye, Belize, travelling south to Placencia always feels like a beach holiday.   Placencia Village is set at the end of a long, very narrow peninsula…for most of its development, it was accessible only by boat (or a tedious long drive down a very bad road).


It has a very distinct feel.  Summer vacation.  One I’ve likened to Cape Cod or Montauk in the states.  Pretty pastel wooden houses, a long sandy beach, a lazy pedestrian main street (“the Sidewalk”), funky bars, art shops and restaurants plus a fantastic ice cream shop.

They even have super cute Creole sidewalk names.


Dog TEETH.  Not what you are thinking…

This weekend is the village’s busiest time of the year – the 18th Annual Placencia Lobsterfest. I had been the day before to see the set-up and the Lion Fish Hunting Tournament (see yesterday’s post)…


I woke up Saturday morning ready for the main day.  The sun was shining but first, I needed to hit the local store for some new flip-flops.  I’d only brought one pair (my BELOVED Orthaheels – they sound horrid but they are the MOST comfortable flip-flops ever) and they broke bike riding the previous day.

$10bzd slippers (as they are called here) and I was ready to roll.

IMG_7316I walked by some pretty pretty shops and some local vendors on the sidewalk.


IMG_7319 IMG_7313

Conch jewelry and trinkets for sale along the sidewalk.


And then the public beach/fair ground area right in the middle of the village.  Booths and tents, huge tents, set up for protection from the already blazing sun.  I have no idea how people walk barefoot.


Lobster being served by almost 20 restaurants at least 20 different ways.

IMG_7321The guest of honor was already grillin’.  The air was scented with lobster and butter.


One large tent was devoted to NGOs, organizations to help conserve the reef and support local business.

Selling locally harvested seaweed for use in shakes, soaps…he was explaining it all.  Like with many odd local products, seawood is good for the “back bone”.  Or helping with a man’s endurance.

IMG_7332Art, the US embassy…in fact, our new Ambassador would be presenting the prizes later in the weekend…



The Volunteer Fire Department selling t-shirts like hotcakes…


MY GUY!  Selling tubes.  I see him EVERYWHERE!  Travelling around the country, standing all day, not an easy job.


The beer tents were hopping…


Lots and lots of crafts and jewelry…love that the local shops were included in the Fest.  I’ve wanted to check out Kaj Expressions and her lion fish jewelry…


She’s been making quite a name for herself with this fantastic idea.


And my friend from the Art Affair Gallery in Placencia.  I love her stuff and I couldn’t help it…bought a simple necklace.

IMG_7271 IMG_7345

$45bzd and I love it.


It was HOT out there.  The sand is Placencia really holds the heat…time for something to drink and something to eat.  Choices, choices, choices…

From the traditional…


to Thai…


…hot lobster…


to dessert.  No way I’m walking out of here without tasting a lobster coconut pie…



Let’s keep it simple…and this guy was CHURNING them out…no lobster was sitting too long.


Me, me, me.  Delish.



But then I heard screaming…and cheering.  Right next door at the Tipsy Tuna, I found half the crowd GLUED to the Brazil vs. Chile football match.  Played on the pitch.  I’m sure there was a 12th man.

Let’s pause to admire my knowledge of soccer terms…

IMG_7362 IMG_7376And over at the Barefoot Bar, right next door, the same scene.  I found a seat.  Love this kid’s star hair.  Everyone was clearly on the Brazil side.  (Maybe because so many tourists seem to confuse Belize with Brazil?)


Lobster everywhere!  Mmmmm…


Ask for a sexy pose?  Get a sexy pose…


Back to the festival…DJs and clowns…


card game and kids…

IMG_7393 IMG_7399

desserts and other meats grilling…



…and then THE dessert.  Coconut Lobster Pie.  I love coconut pie and I love lobster but together?  From the chef at The Placencia.  Big chunks of lobster!

IMG_7397The pie…delicious.  Honestly, I kinda ate around the lobster.  Interesting combo.  And I love a little risk taking.



Love that the beach is right there.  So many families making the whole thing a picnic.  It’s perfect really.


And the party would go late into the night.  But…

Time to fly home.  FLY!  Really…such a great way to travel.  Two lobsterfests, two sides of the country in two days.  Thanks so much Tropic AIr.  The ONLY way it would be possible.

What a fantastic party and SO well organized.  The BTIA and the Plancencia Lobsterfest committee did an AMAZING job.

And 45 minutes later?  I was home…ready for the couch and then Sunday, today, CAYE CAULKER LOBSTERFEST!


Love the sign and I love how the Tropic employees always say “Welcome home” when I get off the plane.  Love it every single time.

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    Daagteet = Dog teeth. Thank you! Another Belizean mystery cleared up for me. You rock! Bonus points for trying the coconut lobster pie…can’t say I would have gone there.

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