Summer’s Here in Belize: Lobsterfest, World Cup Action, Flowers and Heat

Okay…so summer isn’t technically here.  The first official day is Saturday, June 21st. Which also happens to be the big block buster block party for Lobsterfest here in San Pedro.

BUT in my mind summer arrived in Belize over the last few weeks.


Despite what many imagine before visiting, there are more than two seasons in Belize.  Not just wet and dry.  We have summer, we have winter, we have Easter winds, we have Hurricane Season (read all about my read on the distinct seasons here)…summer is HOT.  Summer brings tons of fruits and flowering trees.  Summer brings rain showers at night and summer brings LOBSTERFEST.

Check, check, check, check.  Here are some pictures of what is going on around town – summer, the World Cup and Lobsterfest.  This is a GOOD time to be in San Pedro.

I SO love the flamboyant trees.  Nothing summery-er than these jagged worn trees with their neon bursts of color.  This gorgeous one is at Banyan Bay.



And then one of my other favorites just south of town by the Island Academy…most of these trees only bloom in one section with the remaining tree seeming almost dead.  I think it makes them even more beautiful.  Flamboyant but not too much…


Some people have been able to coax orchids to bloom.  Always gorgeous.  More Banyan Bay.


Mangos, sour sop, mamey, avocados starting to come in…

Okay…blah blah plants.  Here is what’s going on in town.

San Pedro loves wings…so Quality has them on sale for the World Cup.  Their motto is my FAVORITE.




“Dis da fi wi chicken” = this is the chicken for us.  FOR WE!


Lobster specials THOUGH I am hearing that lobster is not easy to find right now.  I’ve seen restaurants that don’t have it, have run out, are waiting for it…

The co-op doesn’t have any.  They are waiting for both the price and the product!  They expect maybe Thursday or Friday.  Last year’s price for “premium tails” was $28bzd a pound.  You can expect a price around town of about $20bzd (GREAT price directly from fisherman) to low $30s.


The BIG game was on at 1pm and I wanted to catch a few seconds.  Mexico vs. Brazil.  I am with Mexico (it’s one of my favorite countries, they are our neighbors and they inspired one of my favorite eateries – Taco Bell) but I pretty much stood alone.

Belize, for the most part, seems to ride with Brazil.  There were quite a few yellow jerseys.
IMG_6780 IMG_6781

I couldn’t find the exact details but apparently the Mexican football team insulted the Belize team.  And you’ve got to love our loyalty…despite being the country with perhaps the closest links to Belize?  You DON’T insult our team.  Now we ride with Brazil.

If anyone has the details, let me know in the comments!  Now I’m curious!

Everyone was packed in the bar but it was really a gorgeous HOT day.


I stopped in Saul’s Rum, Cigar and Coffee shop to watch the game for about 10 minutes with the guys.


And then headed home.  The streets were pretty quiet except for the buzz of the game.  Almost every shop I passed had it on…



I jumped in a taxi and passed a big crowd at this bar on the way home.


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