Answers? A Trip Back To Caye Caulker – Two Times in Two Days

Yesterday I posted about the rumors swirling around the Split at Caye Caulker and about how I thought the easiest way to get the answer about whether or not it was being developed was to ask the owner.

I got a bit of negative feedback about this post.  About my superior attitude, general nosey-ness.  About how I was trying to create drama (I did concede that many times in yesterday’s post) and how I portrayed the caye in a very negative light.

These concerns started to weigh on me a bit while I was over there.  So…after stopping over at the owner’s home to politely inquire (from his lovely family) if he was available and finding that he was not, I decided to just take a leisurely stroll about the island.

Perhaps I’ll shoot him an email.  But I’m not expecting much more information.   It’s his land.  And while plans are still up in the air, I don’t really expect him to share with a total stranger.   I mean…I sure wouldn’t.

And I expect things will change slowly…if much at all.  But it is certainly something I am going to keep an eye on.

So here is a look around Caye Caulker…

My view on the trip over on the 1pm Water Taxi.



There are a few gorgeous giant breadfruit on the island that I passed…bursting with fruit.


Serious beauties.  And I know some mouths are watering.  I need to get into breadfruit this year.


Caribbean Colors Cafe and Art Shop, a place I’ve visited in the past, has moved to a new spot just across the street from the former location.


They too are snuggled up to a breadfruit tree and have a small tent out front so you don’t get clobbered by a falling ripe fruit.


The view from my seat.

IMG_8625And inside the shop…


And the view of Monday’s lunch.


And then a long walk around…

The cutest.  Love the conch shell “fence”.


IMG_8675 IMG_8676

Walking south along the Front Street.


Yesterday my lunch – at Tropical Paradise Resort.  I’m a big fan of this place.  Great place to stay.  Quiet but still very close to everything.

I had the classic stew chicken.

IMG_8680And a bit of coconut pie.  Yum.


They are located just behind the cemetery.  So pretty.



Walking farther south along the beach path…


Beautiful colors.

IMG_8688 IMG_8689

IMG_8685I very much want to stay at Colinda Cabanas.  The place looks perfect…

IMG_8691with the very pretty dock.


And the little cabanas.


And then just south Ignacio’s Beach Cabanas.  I love this sign.  Beautiful.


And the cabins.

IMG_8695And back down off the beach…but just slightly.  This place looks charming.

Maxhapan Cabanas.

IMG_8701Beautiful yard.


Another restaurant I need to try.


And right next door the I&I Reggae Bar and Nightclub.


The heat had everyone at home or in the water.


Back out to the sea for some breeze.  Some darker summer clouds rolled by…but no rain.


IMG_8711 IMG_8715

I took a quick pic of these girls with American accents taking some vacation shots.



And then it was time to head home…but with another list of places I need to visit, things to do and place to overnight.

See you next time Caye Caulker!









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