Mysterious Construction at the Split in Caye Caulker on One BEAUTIFUL DAY in Belize

Yesterday was summer perfection on Ambergris Caye.  The high winds have died down, the sun was HOT and bright and if you were not busy sweating (or working), you were in the water.  Lots of kids on summer break were.


I am dog sitting.  And luckily, my ward Sadie, enjoys trotting down to the beautiful Victoria House Resort and I love taking pictures of it.  Here are some south o’ town photos from yesterday.

IMG_7922 IMG_7926

The massage palapa empty and beautiful.  What a gorgeous spot for that spa treatment or a small wedding or just about anything.

IMG_7929 IMG_7930

Are you done fooling around taking pictures?


And then back home…you can see it just past that orange boat.  With the white roofing…


I decided to head up to the Boca Del Rio area, just north of town, to take a few more pictures.  It was that pretty out.

By Wet Willy’s Dock.  The spot has new owners and I definitely want to stop in soon.  They own a successful restaurant in Maryland called Jimmie & Sook’s…

But not today…


And up towards the High School and Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop.


The colors and the reflections…I took about 1000 pictures.  Like I’d never seen this a million times before.


The next dock is another favorite.  Always some boat being taken apart or put back together.  A working dock.


I just love this drive along the beach.  Not a bad area to work out each morning…if you are going to be forced to run, I guess this is where you want to do it.


And then on to the SPLIT in Caye Caulker…just a few miles away.  One of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL spots in the whole country and certainly one of the most popular.  Here is a look at it during Caye Caulker Lobsterfest just a few weeks ago…


Yesterday morning, I received a picture from a reader that there was a giant crane in the area with HUGE cement pilings.  On a tiny island like Caye Caulker, with only a handful of vehicles, that is NOT a usual sight.  And news for sure.

Another face-friend, visiting Caye Caulker for a few days, shared some pictures with me.

1044865_10203938490972944_3036465965620307006_n 10330329_10203938491012945_6888562570161072907_n

AHHHHH!  This does not look good.10502115_10203938492532983_4837531470028908783_n

Though I have not been over to the caye yet about this news, here is what the gossip mill is churning up.

Officially, this construction is to reinforce the sea wall.   Unofficially, some think there is a new owner who plans to build a more “touristy” establishment that will not let villagers in so freely.  (This area is really the main public beach in Caye Caulker.)  

Hearing also that a new building/bar or even a resort might be going up.

Does anyone have the total scoop?  Or more gossip?  I love them both.   I hate to see anything change at this casually beautiful spot.  And these giant cement pillars?  Well…they don’t look good to me.

Thanks Scoop reporters for the Scoop!

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