Day Two in Placencia for the Belize International Film Festival at The Inn at Robert’s Grove

That title is a mouthful…but I don’t want to leave out a thing.  Robert’s Grove and Placencia are as beautiful as ever and yesterday, I was up and out of the house for a last minute trip to Ranguana Caye.  A private caye owned by Robert’s Grove and as close to heaven on earth as you can imagine…

The view of the boat…


But more on that tomorrow…Friday was day two of the International Film Festival here at Robert’s Grove (and around the country of Belize) and there were things to do!

Breakfast on the gorgeous front deck of the resort looking over the sparkling water and then into Placencia Village.


I chose the cheapest mode of travel.  Ritchie’s Bus.   It only comes 4 times a day but you can not beat the price for the 4 mile ride.  $1bzd.    OH!  You can beat the price and borrow a bicycle from the resort and ride to the village.

One night the red carpet, the next day, riding the bus.

the bus

Just stand on the road by the local food restaurant at the resort.


10 minute later I was in the village of Placencia, just across the street from this sign at someone’s house/Thai massage studio.  I had received a tip earlier in the day that Siripohn does an AMAZING stir fry from her home on Friday’s ONLY.


Upstairs, in her home, she made my chicken fried basil dish to order.


I should have been watching more closely because it was lots of veg, fish sauce and maybe 2 other things?  And it is DELICIOUS.  Crunchy and fresh and salty, ever so slightly spicy (she asks for your heat level) and just delicious.  Ask for extra basil.  Just the smell in her kitchen is enough to drive you crazy.


I wandered around Placencia and soaked up the cuteness of it…and now the familiarity of it (I’ve been 6 or 7 times now in the last year?)


The Placencia Bazaar Souvenir Shop.


The beautiful art gallery…


The weather all weekend has just been gorgeous.  A stop I always make…at the Tipsy Tuna.

IMG_8274 IMG_8277

I made a few more stops and then headed back to the resort and then to Seine Bight (just a few minutes walk north of Robert’s Grove.)   Just a few miles from Placencia, it has a totally different feel and very different population.  Placencia is Creole (for the most part) and Seine Bight (pronounced “Bite”) is Garifuna.  Seine Bight is decidedly “untouristy”.  For more on the village, check out my prior trip and posts below.

The local bus was pulling by as I walked through town.



I walked back to Lola’s Art to take a quick look before the film showing at the Seine Bight Community Center.

I love Lola’s work and though cheaper than in the galleries, don’t expect to find a serious bargain here.  Prices range from $50bzd to $2000.


The community center is one of the largest buildings in town.


And the film festival signs were out front.  A very cool initiative to show the movies in villages around Belize.


The documentary was really amazing actually.  Rhythms of Africa.  About professional musician, Willie Stewart’s journey…teaching 60 “at risk” youth to unite and perform as a percussion group.

It’s about how music and art are a critical part of the learning process and how dangerous (my word) removing these programs from schools around the world.

Adrian, the director and Vivienne Chance, the producer and resident of San Pedro for 5 years in the 90s, answered questions about the film after the viewing.


It has been my favorite movie of the festival so far.

Time to head back to Robert’s Grove and some more movies on the beach.  In a lounge chair, under the stars?  This is a seriously great idea.

And then the next day, I was off to Ranguana Caye.  (Update 2017:  Ranguana Caye has new owners!  Please see the new website)

Life is good sometimes…

IMG_8427 - CopyOh and yes…I had a cone (double scoop at Tutti Frutti Gelato in Placencia.  Of course I did.  And it was as delicious as ever.

Cookie dough (or was it cake batter?) and Chocolate Hazelnut.

IMG_8270You’d be crazy not to have one in Placencia.

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