Day One of the Veterinary Clinic in Sarteneja and A Continued Look at The Village

Yesterday was the first of two days of the Sarteneja Volunteer Veterinary Clinic.  Two vets and two vet students flew in (on their own dollars) from Quebec to Belize to treat the animals of Sarteneja, Hopkins and Redbank.

We arrived early at the community center of Sarteneja with some other volunteers and helpers to get ready for the dogs and cats.  The plan?  To spay and neuter as many as possible…to treat the animals for worms, fleas, ticks and other parasites.  All free of charge.

The community center is a huge space and needed a bit of set-up.



Dogs outside knew something was happening…they just didn’t know what.


A really beautiful and hot day in Belize.  The water in Sarteneja is such a cool chalky blue color.


That seems to glow when some dark clouds hovered in the late afternoon.


Oh…but back to the clinic.  This little library is being revived right next door.  Lovely project but lots of work needs to be done.

IMG_7631And back to the community center.

IMG_7632The animals were lining up early.

IMG_7635IMG_7636 IMG_7637

Carol, my friend from Caye Caulker and I were in charge of shaving and prep.  Here’s a sweet little kitty getting ready…


Love seeing the kids tending to their animals in the recovery room.  Or recovery tarp in our hospital.IMG_7639

Do I look like I know what I’m doing?

IMG_7641Curious kids peeping in through doors and windows.  The lovely doctors encouraged the kids to watch and even participate in some of the basics…

There were even 3 or 4 local teenagers helping with the clinic…kids that want to be vets.  How encouraging is that?


The kitten recovery room.  Or recovery hampers.


How sweet!

IMG_7648 IMG_7649



And recovery.


I used a bit of a slow down in dogs to take another quick look around the immediate area.  I DEFINITELY wanted to check out Chuy’s art shop.  I’ve seen his work in San Pedro and I love the stuff.  Especially the paintings of the local boats.


Love his house.


And inside…beautiful stuff.


These small paintings…about 6 or 8 inches square…on recycled wood.  $10bzd!  I told Chuy he needs to raises his prices.



His home is a piece of art.IMG_7667Here are a few more signs on my way back to the clinic.

IMG_7664 IMG_7661IMG_7665 IMG_7668

Again, a beautiful day in Sarteneja.

IMG_7669This gentleman, a life long resident of Sarteneja village, enjoying a coke in the shade of the community center.


And this man and his horse and this gorgeous baby rode by…and paused for a picture when I screamed out.


A VERY successful, dirty and EXHAUSTING day.  Almost 30 dogs fixed and just about 35 in total treated.  Phew.  Standing for 7 or 8 hours?  I haven’t done that in ages.  I am totally and completely pooped.

We walked back home along the sea and after a long shower and rigorous scrub, I collapsed on my friend’s roofdeck swing…it’s AMAZING up here…

IMG_7686put one pillow under my head and one under my ankles and watched the sun set over the ocean.


The Sarteneja clinic continues today, Sunday, July 6th from about 8am to 3pm.  We hope to pack up a bit early tomorrow and head over to WILDTRACKS!  To see the amazing work they are doing to rehabilitate hurt and orphaned monkeys and manatees.

Yes, I am crazy excited.



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