Last Days Of Belize Summer Vacation…

Or so it feels like it…rather than spending most of the days on the computer (or traveling or eating), I’ve been hitting the beach.  My most bestest friend Jamie (who is a 7th grade math teacher – pause to shudder over the thought of hoards of pubescent children) usually visits me for 4-6 weeks during her summer break but this year, it was a piddly TWO.

She won’t even be here to pose with the Costa Maya girls this year!

Here she is in 2011 with the festival’s beauty queens at Fido’s.

Jamie 2011And then 2012 at Captain Morgan’s.

Jamie-2012Can you guess which one she is?

Anyway…she is leaving this afternoon and it’s back to work for me.   Yesterday, to visit some of her favorite spots, we did a few things…

We lounged on the dock and had a drink at the bar at Victoria House.  It was a GORGEOUS day.

IMG_8576 IMG_8578IMG_8591IMG_8594IMG_8597IMG_8595

For lots more pictures of how beautiful this resort is…check out this post about the grounds and the burger.

Jamie has been a mass consumer of Kakaw Chocolates at the Belize Chocolate Factory for the past fortnight.  Particularly the dark chocolate covered salted caramel.   We had to make a last stop to load up with the goods.

IMG_8472 IMG_8606 IMG_8612 IMG_8614


And then after a too short break, we went to a hopping Blue Water Grill for some of our favorite dishes.  Friday night, luckily, is Caribbean music night and there was a good, low key band playing.

A good farewell.

Plus, she bought the running shirt (one of those shiny technical NB numbers) from the front desk.  Blue Water Grill really does have some great souvenirs.



Cute right?BWG hat

Bye Jame!  I’ll miss you.  Now?  Back to work.  As you all know…it ain’t easy.


Oh…and what would YOU do on your last day of vacation on Ambergris Caye?


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