Guava Limb Cafe’s One Year Anniversary Celebration Even More Beautiful Than Expected

Last November I visited the new Guava Limb Cafe – The Guava Limb Cafe in San Ignacio:  A Chaa Creek Production – and was charmed.  By the fresh, home-baked, organic foods, the staff, the attention to detail and the gorgeous view over the town park.

My view from the balcony.  I wondered if maybe they pay those school children to stand like that.  It’s almost TOO cute.

Guava LimbSo…when I saw that they were celebrating their One Year Anniversary and knew that I would be in the South of Belize looking for a rest stop on my way back home, I made a point to put it on my schedule.  A quick stop in San Ignacio and a party.



I arrived early – as I always do – a bit of daylight to take some pictures.  The evening party was 6 to 10pm.

I often wonder about early arrival to parties so this morning I checked with the guru.  Miss Manner’s is steadfast in her opinion that arriving early is RUDE.  She says that “Yes, it is better to arrive a few minutes after the hour than before.  Eight minutes past the appointed hour is ideal.  Twelve will also do”.

Pfffft.  Miss Manners CLEARLY has no Belizean blood in her.  I was half an hour early and the bulk of the crowd…including the hosts…came 1.5 to 2 hours after the appointed “start time” (a very loose concept here in Belize.)

Like the construction of the cafe, the decor for the party was gorgeous and so tasteful – flawless really.  The same as the owners, Mick and Lucy Fleming’s AMAZING Chaa Creek Jungle Lodge.  It’s the place Prince Harry (THE PRINCE HARRY) stayed on his visit to Belize.

I followed the sign that had some festive ribbons fluttering for the party…


It’s just the most adorable colonial style little building.




The finishing touches were going on the cake…


The dinner menu was a buffet – and a Mayan feast.  Perhaps the guests wouldn’t be here yet but the food was ready right on time.  And look at this menu?  Impressive.


The tables were set and flowers…everywhere.


Amazing arrangements.  I can only imagine how perfect a wedding at Chaa Creek would be.


Individual flower tied with rustic string on each of the chairs…



And these AMAZING globes.  I love these.

IMG_0976 IMG_0978

Pretty gorgeous.  As was the cake when it was finished.


This was no cheese dip and beer fiesta.  Beautiful food, beautifully presented and the drink of the night?  White sangria with fresh cantelope.



The food was delicious – especially the chicken tamale (I LOVE when they have green olives in them) and the chile rellenos.  Divine.  Fresh herbs and beautiful pico de gallos and salsas for each dish.

At about 8pm, the lone birthday candle was lit and Mick, the General Manager and owner gave a short speech.  He talked about his amazing staff (who organized the entire party themselves) and the start of the cafe.



He and his wife Lucy, pioneers of eco-tourism in Belize, cut into the cake.


Nothing they do is slapdash (I really wanted to use the word “half-assed” but it didn’t seem appropriate for a classy joint like this).  Everything is beautiful.  From the coffee…


to the art work on the walls.  I love this painting.  And take a photo of it each time I’m here.

Here it is last night.


And in November.  I think I have 2 more photos of it…but I’ll spare you.


Guava Limb also does an AMAZING job making me want to go there.  Posting daily specials on Facebook – at least once a week, my mouth waters when I look at the professional photos of their food.  I usually make the same lame comment.  “Do you deliver to San Pedro?”…hardy har har.

So that you can also pine for their food, become a Facebook fan of Guava Limb.

An example:  here is yesterday’s photo of the LUNCH special.  Herbed Grilled Pork Loin with Peaches.



Peaches.  In Belize.  You are about as likely to see a polar bear.

Trust me.  Gorgeous photos each and every day.  And when you are in town, you must stop by.  Food, coffee, dessert.  Be ready for the works because it’s all delicious.

OH!  And I heard one VERY interesting rumor while I was there.  That Guava Limb is thinking about opening a restaurant in San Pedro.  Fresh bread, desserts, coffees – “high quality food at moderate prices”? –  I AM ALL IN!

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