A Preview of Rain Restaurant & Roof Top Terrace at Grand Caribe Resort

I wrote yesterday about my two day stay up at Grand Caribe Resort – and it was absolutely lovely.  I had an excellent time…extremely comfortable and relaxing…


The newest building on the property is being completed…and it’s almost there.  Just the finishing touches being applied.

This new complex is 4 stories high and is going to have quite a few functions…



A real elevator.  I got in and has some horrible corporate job flashback.  But that was just momentary.


On the 3rd floor, I exited into a small lobby and then the beautiful bar area.


Victoria and Hugo, the former owners and creators of Aji Restaurant and Tapas Bar, have returned to San Pedro after selling Aji, having a baby and moving to Colorado.

Hugo is a Spanish chef who will be running the kitchen, Victoria is front-of-the-house and very good at it.  They both have a big fan base on Ambergris Caye.

They were offered this opportunity.  To open a full service resort restaurant, bar and rooftop terrace/lounge and they jumped at it.  They have working on it since February…and the result is Rain Restaurant.  And the menu is what Victoria calls “World Cuisine”.


I walked into the middle of a training session with about 15 staff members – they have hired about 30 people so far for the opening September 1st and will hire more once the busy season starts.  They are planning a Grand Opening fete in November.   (I’m not even sure I know how to pronounce the word “fete” – but it seems right in this situation.)

A few pictures of the extensive menu.  All prices are in $USD.

IMG_0162 IMG_0161 IMG_0163

All homemade breads and pastas.  An extensive wine list including champagnes – many by the glass or bottle.



The menus will all be placed in these handpainted boards that they have been feverishly painting with the help of my friend, new mom and artist Melody Wolfe.


A stunning chandelier over the main dining room.


The entire place is beautifully and thoughtfully done.  A quick peek in the ladies room.

IMG_0175Pretty.  But what may have been even prettier to me was the brand new kitchen.  This is one SERIOUS layout in Belize – from the salamander to the industrial dishwasher.   There are probably only a handful of kitchens with this sort of set-up and equipment.

IMG_0179 IMG_0182 IMG_0184


The real show stopper…and perhaps traffic stopper when it is finished and fully lit is the 4th floor roof-top terrace.


With almost 360 degree views of the resort and the reef…


Seating including low couches and the sunset/lagoon side.  The glass paneling providing the perfect view.  I had to come back a few hours later for the sunset.

IMG_0212The white cubes (below) and these ice buckets for bottle service are rechargable and LED…they will be lit up at night and glowing in different colors.  This is like Ibiza!


IMG_0201The sign at the seriously posh looking bar actually rains…and also lights up.  The trickling water sounds lovely…

IMG_0199Seriously swanky.  I’m hoping that shorts and flip flops are still okay.  And since this is Ambergris Caye?  I’m guessing they are…

I had to return for the sunset and take a look around the lounge.  It is going to be pretty impressive when they are doing their 10pm to midnight happy hour…some music playing…champagne glasses clinking…the lights glowing…


There is going to be a lit “Rain” sign high above the road…


It’s going to be pretty spectacular.  Rain Restaurant & Rooftop Terrace is opening September 1st from 7am to midnight.  I’m pretty sure everyone in town is going to be checking it out…and the whole country will be watching.  This is one SERIOUS set-up.

One thing I forgot to ask and will follow up on is…how much will a Belikin be?

I’ll get back to you.  It is a benchmark of sorts.

Oh…and Rain is currently working on their website.  It is not up and fully running yet though you can check out the full menu as of today.  But for information, check out their facebook page.  Rain Restaurant & Rooftop Terrace.

IMG_0157I am excited to try the Camembert and the Frozen Caye Lime Pie and will eat there early to report back on ALL the details.






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