La Gran Casa Azul in South Ambergris Caye: A Beautiful Rental Home with Privacy and Lots of Space

For the past two nights, I’ve been staying in South Ambergris Caye.  I thought I was in The Mosquito Coast but now I’m finding that I may have been on the north end of Boca Ciega.  (See how complicated this subdivision thing is?)

Either way.  Yesterday I posted pictures of this pretty, pretty neighborhood.  Quiet, residential, like a beautiful beach vacation away from (but easily accessible to) town…

IMG_9786In fact, San Pedro town is a 15 minute golf cart ride away from where I was staying at La Gran Casa Azul.

IMG_9759Nestled between mangroves and palms on each side, with a huge pool, a beautiful balcony, and a massive great room…PLENTY of space, this was a fabulous beach vacation.  Just one mile from my actual home.

And just a few homes south of this sign.


Here’s a look around at this rental home.  As I always say when I stay at places 100x nicer than my own – I could get used to this.

Well.  Mostly this.


Why didn’t I invite 10 of my closest friends?

The balcony alone has seating for a crowd.


Just some of it.  (My reading area.)  There’s a dining table and a huge gas BBQ.


But then look at this view…

IMG_9664IMG_9679 IMG_9677 IMG_9684

Pretty trees on both sides.


I love having my own dock.  Easy pick up if you are going on tours.  I spent a bit of time in the low slung hammocks.  The best place to catch the afternoon breeze.


And spent a few minutes THINKING about paddle boarding – there are two available (including this pink one!) and a sea kayak.  Activity always seems like such a great idea…


And my dock even inspired me to get up at 5:30am for the beautiful sunrise.  Towards the rising sun…


And right behind me to the setting moon.


And a look at the huge main room and three bedrooms upstairs (all three with air conditioning).

Okay…about half of this massive room.


The dining area and second bedroom behind me.


The bedrooms.  I’m so jealous over the storage space!  The second bedroom…

IMG_9669In the master…but all rooms have these beautiful cabinets.

IMG_98492 bathrooms…a “kids’ room” with bunk bed.    My view from the master bedroom (taken with my phone)…I love looking at these coconuts rustling in the breeze.  And the home just feels so private…

Coconuts 2

There is an apartment downstairs as well…for rent.  Two more bright bedrooms…a kitchen, a sitting area…actually quite a bit of room.



A beautiful spot.


So…if you are looking for a place to stay on vacation, this is the perfect spot for a large family…or for a wedding…for someone looking for easy access to town but also for a bit of privacy when they are home.

I loved my stay at La Gran Casa Azul.  For more information on this home, check out the website – and its link to VRBO.

And EARLY my last morning…

Morning two

Two nights by myself in this big home were just lovely.  But was I nervous being alone, you might ask?  Not at all.  The caretakers and their super cute dog Baxter live right on the property.  Baxter barked at any stranger going by but also acted like I was his long lost best friend.  He practically fell over wagging his tail with excitement to see me.

Good Baxter.

I wasn’t worried for a second.

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