A HOT Summer Day, New Buildings, New Banners and Wow…The Movie Theater

Man it’s hot.  For those who don’t think there are seasons in Belize, you can now experience summer.  The temperature hasn’t risen all that much over the past few months.  It’s gone from maybe low to mid 80s to high 80s…but whether it’s the humidity?  Or the wind?  I’m not sure the exact dynamics of it.  But these past few days have been HOT.

Nap in the afternoon.  Change you shirt a few times a day.  Get in the water if you can – HOT.

I waited until late afternoon yesterday to take a walk to town.  If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, the breeze yesterday was lovely.   But just on the beach.

Here are pictures I took along the way and when I got to town.

I spotted a few of these guys.

IMG_8726 Eyeballing the water for eats.


This was exactly the right spot to be.



Caribbean Villas Resort, a very pretty spot on the beach, has relatively new owners.  They are making quite a few changes…including this 4 story building complete with elevator shaft (apparently necessary for buildings greater than 3 stories high – though 4 is the limit on the caye.)

I’m guessing it should more than double the room count at the resort.


The water is perfect for snorkeling…still and WARM.


Or fishing.



A beautiful old coconut tree.  Did you know that many of the resorts with the tall grand trees like this one at Island Academy innoculate them?  Like give them actual medicine…actual shots?  I wrote a post about it a few years ago – about a disease called “Lethal Yellowing”.

Here is a beauty.


And then the dock used to load the boats with soda and beer for delivery up north.  You don’t want the tractors veering off course!


I cut through Ramon’s Village and stared longingly at the pool.


A bit of Bora Bora in Belize.


Inviting, right?


And the dining room…


Once out, I passed Ali Baba’s Restaurant.  Love this chicken.


And Wing’s Store.  Anyone want to buy a miniature bouncy house?  If so, you’ve got a good selection now…

IMG_8765The big Costa Maya Festival is gearing up for next weekend.  The ladies just arrived in town yesterday and the banners are up.


I found this new restaurant on the Middle Street preparing to open.  Wow.


And the another banner –  quite a few of them – went up around town yesterday.  For the elections in Spring 2015.  This is the UDP’s slate (the incumbent party).   Three quarters of a year ahead of the elections?  Sigh…

IMG_8770Which made me wonder…

Actually.  Best not to mess with politics – at least for now.

Later that evening…it had cooled off a degree or two…I hitched a ride north to Paradise Theater.    We have an actual movie theater in San Pedro.  In fact, we’ve had it for maybe three years?  And I have never been.


(Emily – I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your picture!)  I LOVE THE MOVIES.  And I guess it was time to put my silent boycott to this big out-of-place building to an end.

$10bzd.  And I was in.  The very talented owners of Island Films are doing a monthly series – “The Best Movies That You’ve Never Heard Of”.

Inside a huge, spacious proper 2 theater movie house.  With proper movie theater stadium seating.  A bar.  A popcorn and candy stand.  A chandelier and classy seating area in the lobby.

I was pretty shocked.

theater theater 2

And got a bit more giddy about the viewing of “La Isla Bonita – the Telenovela” on September 5th at the theater.  THIS is going to be a big town event.  See you there.

10532457_551682528294944_7417802704172513462_n (1)

Both Josh and Chito have been working out hard-core at Crossfit…and are in kiler shape.  The big question for the red carpet September 5th is:  Will it be shirts on?  Or Shirts Off?

Thank GOD I gave those guys some fitness pointers.


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