Why You WANT to Be Here For September, The Full Schedule of Events Plus Shopping for the Red, White & Blue

September is my favorite month of the year.  Yes it’s hot and the official heart of the hurricane season but it’s also the month that the country comes alive for September celebrations.   The two big independence day holidays are celebrated – September 10th honors the Battle of St. George’s Caye and September 21st, Belize’s relatively new independence day.  This is year the country turns 33.


Golf carts, homes, stores, people are decked out in red white and blue..

Here’s a San Pedro home last year.


I’ve outlined the reasons in previous posts why you want to come to Belize for September.  Why you so don’t want to miss it.   Low airfare, party with the locals, but it’s the month of parades and parties that makes the month special.

San Pedro’s September 21st Jump-Up.



Belize City’s HUGE Carnival. This year on September 13th.

IMG_2889IMG_2964I have been collecting my red white and blues for a few years now…at least 3 or 4 appropriate outfits are necessary.  I did a quick run-through of town yesterday to find out what is available now.  It is a bit early but you DO NOT want to miss the boat.


Shelves will fill in for sure but here is the good stuff so far this year.

My favorite item.  I bought one last year and there is ONE LEFT at The Toucan Store on Front Street.


Though this belt from A&R is good times too but, for me, just not enough flair.


Also at the Toucan Store, the Belize flag hand towels.  Needed on the hot parade days.


Here’s the outside of the store.  Soon to be decorated in red, white and blue.



A&R has a smattering of other goodies…


I bought some of these $4bzd hair clips/extensions last year but I didn’t have the patience or the braiding skills to make them work.


I will NOT be needing a blanket.

IMG_9961 IMG_9963

Caye Supplies had a small display too and promised much more.  I bought just a few needed items.

IMG_9954 IMG_9955

My scrunchie/wrist flair and more beads.  Can’t get enough…IMG_9956

Below is the abbreviated official schedule – and there is even more information online.  The entire list is almost overwhelming.  The country is absolutely hopping with events from Spelling Bees to kids’ sailing regatta to HUGE concerts like the 3 Day Belikin Bash in Belize City to Jump Up Parades.

Watch the Sir Barry Belikin Bash video and see why I’m DEFINITELY going for one of the night (I just watched 4 times.)

September is the best, best, best.

celeb2 CELE

For more details and places and events, check out the Belize Celebrations facebook page.  And get on down here!

Flights and hotels are the cheapest that they get.  I just checked the Houston – BZE route.  September 17th to 24th.  $220US!  So what if you have to make a small detour to Boston?

Are you ready?

And for a bit more Carnival music listen to my favorite Belizean song.  Jump Up Behind the Truck by Ernestine Carballo.  Queen of the Carnival.



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