Snapshots on the Way into San Pedro, Belize

Yesterday I headed into town for a meeting, armed with my camera.  Take some photos of the big Costa Maya Festival grounds…some pics around town as it is readying for the weekend of parties, music, drinking and late nights…

I first ran into this street vendor.  I asked him if I could take his picture and then he politely waited a few minutes as I rooted around for my camera and then realized that I had no camera card in it.

Classic.  It was home in my computer.  I guess my IPhone is going to have to do…

So much for my afternoon of what probably would have been genius photos.  I like his stern look next to his display of plastic tchotkes.

august 1I did come back into town later in the day…around 5pm and snapped some pictures.   So here is what I’ve got.  There was a beautiful breeze last night which is a blessing because these days are turning RED HOT.

The dive boats docked at Ramon’s Village.


And next door, the charter catamarans lined up as well.



I asked this lovely vendor if I could take her photo too.


The Sunbreeze Hotel.


The water taxi was unloading, a full boat for sure and a Friday night volleyball match was in play.


The DJ Black Chiney (he is from Jamaica, works in Florida and yes, is really named Black Chiney) was setting up in the park…


The beach will be packed today…later.  Everyone was out until dawn last night for sure…


A shaved ice vendor stopped for a bunch of kids.


Sargasso seaweed has really drifted in over the past week.  And if it sits on the shore too long it starts to smell…quite pungently.  I wrote a post about this pretty interesting stuff a few years ago.   There is a huge conflux of currents in the Altantic called the Sargasso Sea where this plant matter and animal life all gathers.  Over 700 miles wide and 2000 miles long.  It’s actually quite fascinating.

The town was trying to clean it up…



IMG_9398And then I ended my night, a few hours later, with a beautiful molten chocolate cake at Red Ginger Restaurant.  One of my favorite desserts in San Pedro.  (Here are my best.)

August 3

The end.  Tonight The Costa Maya Festival (called Belize’s biggest festival) continues with artists and performers all night long.  For more information, check out the website.





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