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San Pedro JUMPS UP For Belize’s 33rd Birthday Independence Day PARADE, Part One

I think I can make it official.  September 21st, Belize’s Independence Day, is my favorite holiday of the year.  I so love a parade – and when you know at least half the paraders (all having the time of their lives), the parade is extra fun, extra special.

(Though I’m wondering if the Platypus taped into his costume could say the same.)

Belize City may have a bigger parade, Orange Walk might have “the best” – but San Pedro’s parade is my very favorite.  And I hope I never miss it.

This year the parade was a bit shorter this year – some of the usuals like Big Daddy’s, Marina’s Store, Atlantic Bank – were absent.  (Here are the posts from 2013 – Part One and Part Two).  And no kids marching band/drum corp.  Rumor was that the schools were NOT allowed to participate due to alcohol being served/consumed during the parade.

Nice idea – but In San Pedro?  I think the jig is up.

But I still loved it.  And since it was sloowww moving in the beginning, I was able to criss-cross around town and see it 4…maybe 5 times.  So my pictures might seem a bit all-over-the-place.  That’s because they are.


Here are my pictures.  I took too many but luckily for you, most are action shots and came out horribly.  Here are some of the decent ones.

When I arrived early on the beach front for the line-up, some darker clouds were coming in…but the weather held out.  HOT but rain-free.


DJ Debbie was already getting things started on the beach.


You want to make sure that your music is HEARD.


Here’s something that you don’t see every day.  KIds were swarming Mickey, Minnie and Perry the Platypus – part of why the parade was moving so slowly.


Beautified carts were lining up – I think I took about 100 pictures of just this one flowery buggy.



This gorgeous glittertastic 33.  I hope everyone who celebrates that birthday this year is able to borrow it for their party.


Love this.


Our new Miss San Pedro and her mom.


The Town Council was handing out candy and fans.  Both were SO welcome.


IT WAS HOT!  I took a few minutes to wait in the air conditioning at a local supermarket.  I took this selfie.  Does this tattoo make me look too tough?  Too gangsta?


The one on my face had melted off long before…

Back out there.  The employees for the Town Council.


Some walking and dancing and some riding…

IMG_2322TIME FOR THE PARADE TO START!  And just one hour late.  That is not bad at all.

The little police cadets marched and SOMEHOW kept smiles on their faces despite the heat.  So cute.  I chatted with the officer in charge and he said that they will be accepting applications in October for this program – ages 8 to 17.  I’ll have to get more details…




And the twirlers.


And a fellow photographer and parade fan.


Miss SP on her float.


And Wings Store.



The Medical School came next…go Tara!


And then a blast of pink and yellow and glitter…the friends of Island Academy.  This guy was ROCKING the mike.

IMG_2353 IMG_2354

Sandy from Searious Adventures and Melody of Belizean Melody’s Art Gallery & Studio.IMG_2243IMG_2246

Mom dancing.  Kids dancing.  This dad (from El Pescador Lodge) waving a massive Belizean flag.

IMG_2356Go Amy from Wild Mango’s.


I have more pictures…but I need to break this up a bit!  Stay tuned for…Part Two.

IMG_2283 IMG_2348




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