Maya Beach Bistro on The Placencia Peninsula, Belize Would Make ANYONE Happy

A few days ago, I wrote a post and put up a bunch of pictures about the lovely beachside community of Maya Beach on the Placencia Peninsula.   My lunch at Mango’s Bar & Restaurant, a walk down the main (only) street, the bowling alley but I didn’t show you exactly where I was staying…


At the amazing Maya Beach Bistro and Hotel.  In past year, the spot has expanded to a few more rooms & cabanas and the food is as amazing as ever.  Two nights there was not enough.

The sign from the street.  I kinda love how low key it is.  It in no way indicates how world-class-great the food is.


When you first walk in, the open dining area is on the right and the pool on the left.



Great pool before or after lunch.

The dining room looks over the VERY pretty beach.


And some of the dining patio.

IMG_0793An inside area.


And some of the extensive wine collection – part of what they are known for.  Ellen is a pro at pairings.

IMG_0799 IMG_0800The first evening I arrived a bit late…was coming in after the amazing Cockscomb hike/tubing/water fall sliding adventure.  Dirty and BEAT.

Ellen, the co-owner with her husband John, greeted me and I was shown right up to my huge suite.


A huge sitting area with a wrap around couch that I would like to make my new office.  A full kitchen, bathroom, outside deck area looking right over the ocean.

Air conditioning…and lots of windows to leave open to catch the serious sea breeze.

My view.

IMG_0785I took a very long shower and then rushed down to the dining room to meet a friend for dinner and the dessert I’ve been dreaming of for months.  The Banana Coconut Cream pie.

But first some amazing “small plates”.  To get your taste buds pumping, take a look at their menu.  SO hard to choose.

We tasted the Yellow Tail Tacos with guacamole with just a hint of wasabi.


Three small plates.  $39bzd.  AMAZING FOOD.  And these are…no small plates.

I tried the truffle oil gnocchi and a favorite.  The lobster brioche bread pudding.

It’s just ridiculously good.



I could not leave with a GIANT slab of the pie.  MY PIE.   Even though I wasn’t the least bit hungry.  I can’t help myself.  Here is Cyril’s picture once again (from  It’s a thing of beauty.

coconut creamMy friend tried the chocolate souffle…it takes a bit of a wait but she was quite positive that it was worth it.


That is seriously delicious eating…and a day of hiking followed by that?  I was straight to bed.

To wake early for one GORGEOUS sunrise over Maya Beach’s dock.

IMG_0771A beautiful day for eating.

I walked down to breakfast.  I had tried their DIVINE cinnamon roll and wanted to try the cinnamon roll french toast but my eye was snagged by the duck hash.


With coffee and fresh OJ…it was beyond delicious.  Spicy sausage, sweet apples, leeks and sweet potatoes, salty, smokey bacon, creamy hollandaise…


The best food, a beautiful beach and community – I just love this spot.


Destination eating.  Two or three day should give you enough time to find and eat all of your favorite dishes.  And then you are going to need some more to explore Placencia village, do the banana tour (Evin is FANTASTIC), go hiking.  Man!  You are going to be busy.

And make sure to take a warm cinnamon roll for the road.


AHHHHH!  I love this place!

Maya Beach Bistro is closed for renovations/vacations and a break until October.  Check their facebook page for more information.  They had a 10 year anniversary party/Closing Party just last week that I was dying to go to…

For about a day, an 8 hour trip via bus & boat (each way) didn’t seem crazy just to eat there one last time…

But then I came to my senses.

Sigh.  See you soon Maya Beach Bistro.









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