A Stay in Maya Beach on the Placencia Peninsula Makes Me & My Stomach Very Happy

After a VERY busy weekend – La Isla Bonita Telenovela Red Carpet Premiere, the Market Expo in Belize City and then back stage at the BELIKIN BASH! – it’s time to get back to reality.   AND back to writing about my awesome trip last week to Placencia and then San Ignacio.  The hiking…the pretty pretty village and…next, my two nights at the beautiful Maya Beach Bistro & Hotel.

IMG_0851 IMG_0842

It’s most certainly my favorite place to eat.  And if you’ve been following my blog for even just a few days, you probably know that my favorite activity is enjoying the food of Belize.

Maya Beach is the first community when you arrive on the peninsula,  It’s mostly homes and a sprinkling of a few small hotels and beach front cabanas.  A few restaurants.  And a police station.


A bowling alley.  YES A REAL BOWLING ALLEY.


A few more signs and spots.

IMG_0816 IMG_0817 IMG_0818

I ate mainly at the Bistro – it’s hard for me to tear myself away from the spot.   Including BREAKFAST which is absolutely incredible…

THE MENU – cinnamon roll french toast?  Duck sausage hash?  Homemade boiled & baked bagels with salmon?  Incredible.



Okay…I wasn’t going to talk about food just yet but this HASH!


Apple, sweet potato, LEEKS, thick cut bacon, GORGEOUS duck sausage, poached eggs, lots of butter.  Their homemade baguette (you could eat just this and be happy) toasted to soak up all the DELICIOUS orange-y hollandaise sauce.  This dish is absolutely amazing.    And served for breakfast.  For $20bzd.

Good lord.

Okay…back to Maya Beach itself.  I was talking about the community.  While walking around, I discovered Mango’s Restaurant and Bar was open!  This place is SO cute from the outside, though not hungry, I stopped in to get something to eat and check it out.


And I spotted this vehicle AGAIN!  I’ve seen them down south at Lubaantun Ruins by Punta Gorda…I’ve seen them in a bunch of spots.  And I still don’t have the scoop.

On The Road in Belize.


Look at the place from the beach…it’s like a multi-leveled tree house.

IMG_0833IMG_0838 IMG_0826 IMG_0828

A beautiful view…love the log leaning up against the railing covered in orchids.  Beautiful.


IMG_0831IMG_0836I ordered one tasty “slider” – this burger and fries, PLENTY big for lunch was $12bzd.



This is a gorgeous little area.  And I’ll need to show you more around the BISTRO and gush more about my accommodations…and the food.  Especially my FAVORITE – the Banana Coconut Cream pie.

Delicious both after dinner and for breakfast.  Trust me.

I found this photo of it on Pinterest but I believe it is Cyril’s shot from BelizeInAmerica.net.

My photos of it are always shaky.  It’s hard not to just dive in.  It’s perfection.

coconut cream

The ratio of THICK cookie crust to cold fresh whipped cream to…

Good lord.


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