Pet Adoption in Belize: Have I Got The Dog For You – Meet Boo

Just Sunday morning I found a puppy.  A sweet white, hazel eyed pup climbing the steps at an empty condo next door.  Far from anywhere she should be.  Clearly lost.


She stuck around for a few hours.  No one was coming to pick her up.  So I borrowed a collar and a leash…


And brought her to the SAGA Humane Society Halloween bash.   My friend LouAnn helped me think of a perfect Halloween inspired name.  Boo.


The kids loved her…


the adults loved her.


She almost found a forever home in the states but…she wasn’t ready to travel just yet.

So she spent Sunday night at SAGA and then the next day…I thought I’d foster her for just one night.  That night has turned into two and I really need to find this beautiful pup a home.


Ears blowing in the wind this morning.



Isn’t she the best?  But she’s a puppy and not perfect so let me be honest about her short comings.

Things I wish Boo was a little better at:

  • catching and killing mosquitos
  • being satisfied with just one helping of dog food
  • going to the bathroom in a litter box.

But she is just 2 months old!  And other than that Boo is the most perfect, beautiful, loving, snuggly sweetie pie whose puppy eyes and puppy smell and puppy breath make her pretty irresistible.


And here’s the best part.  She is a dog comfortable in almost every situation.  The perfect dog to fit into your life.  Not only is she great at Halloween parties…

City dog.  Times Square!

times square

Or you and your Boo practicing yoga.  So quiet and good.

yoga boo

Sure Boo is great at the beach – did you see her on that dock?  But how about the forest?  (Or what appears to be the Hobbit’s Shire.)

forest boo

Will she get along with kids?  Yes!

family boo

Can she get along with other pets?  She’s still very young…I’m sure of it!

Look how happy these kittens look!

kitten boo

And wait until you see her prancing behind you when you go for walks…it’s the cutest thing ever.

Trust me, if I didn’t live in an apartment, travel so much and have three cats (who are currently plotting my demise from the loft area), I’d keep her in a second.  I already feel like she is mine all mine.

I understand that there are many animals in need…lots of great cats and dogs at SAGA here on the island but in a few days, I’m really loving my Boo.  And I want to find her a great home.

Belizean Potlickers are a fantastic “breed”.  Intuitive, street smart and so loving…

Please let me know if you are interested in this mild mannered pup.   Trust me.  She’s a peach.

Please share this post if you think you know anyone who might want a great dog.

Boo is waiting patiently for your message.

sleepy boo

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