Belize’s Kardashian Does Central America Episode 5! The Surf Towns Of Central America’s Pacific Coast

Keeping up with Finn Kardashian, manager and social director at Rojo Beach Bar – a MUST-VISIT on any San Pedro trip (though now you might be fighting off paparazzi and selfie with Finn seekers – ain’t easy.   Our backpacker with the mostest, the one with both champagne wishes and caviar dreams, has been moving swiftly through Central America.

We’ve followed him through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua (el SIGH…Nicaragua)…where Finn found a way to look self-satisfied underwater.

finn u

and now we follow him to Costa Rica.

n16Here’s Fin.  In the immortal words of Ricky Martin – living la vida loca.

His lips are devil red and his skin’s the color mocha…

We left young Kardashian (he is almost exactly one year younger than his big sis, Khloe) in what I am deeming the MOST fabulous part of his trip (we will see what he has to say about that) – Nicaragua!

Good-bye volcanoes…
…and hello San Juan Del Sur.  A place that is become a popular tourist spot for surfing.  Here’s Finn.
So I’m in San Juan del SUR…A mini version of RIO DE JANEIRO.  Just a little bit smaller and no one in Thongs and plastic surgery bums.  A little different from all the other nicaraguan towns we’ve been to.
Now backpacking alone since my German brothers decided to stay and tour a volcano a extra day is not so cool. I really don’t need to see a VOLCANO for a next decade.
This place is incredible, there are like 5 other beaches around this town. Great Surf at least the surfers here are more Venezuelan and very cool guys.  I didn’t surf…I didn’t want to scratch my face.
n5One of our dogs at Rojo passed away back in Belize.
n4Was really emotional since we lost lucy and I wasn’t home to say goodbye.  So decided to go buy me some SNOB-packing dinner and treat myself to a good time….Other people call it Flash Packing but I can’t.   I am the Kardashian and they are not.
n6 n7This is Koty.   I met her at the Hostel and she has the same taste as I do. So we went on a friendly date up the hill to one of San Juan’s most Elite bar. Talk about amazing place, food and view. IN LOVE! don’t pinch me, don’t want to wake up!
n8 n9 n10Yes or no? Tattoo in lucy’s honor but decided not!
n11(Rebecca here.  Clearly Finn had one too many champagnes.  A dog kissing a kitten tattoo?  THE HORROR!)
n13Our last sunset in Nicaragua…Now time to taxi it out Border to Border. Nicaragua to Costa Rica.  Finally my brothers Tomi and Dani got back from Volcano and I join them to Tamarindo. A bit scared to do it alone although i had been traveling now for 5 wks…Took us 5 hrs to get into Tamarindo.
One love is universal.n18n19 n20Tamarindo is a Major Surf town in the Pacific coast of Costa RICA. They have amazing food and CRAZY parties…
n21Taking my last Costa Rican Selfie till my next stop in Costa Rica that will take about 10 hrs to get too….And am out of Grey Goose.
Next stop Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.
Love you Lucy Gaga!



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